Friday, January 20, 2006

Rabid People????

It all started with a friend of mine commenting how he was sick of all this hype around football. His issue was basically with 'Ppl vehemently crying out that ManU sucks, when they don't even know how to hit a football!' But apparently cricket is different as he knows how to play it and he never says 'Sachin should do this or that!'

Well its said that we are not supposed to comment on things we don't know. If that is true, does that mean i need to smoke first to comment that 'people shouldn't smoke?' Can we really imagine a world, without it being like that? For starters try to just imagine a world without all the rabid football fans...would football be the same nemore? That applies to cricket 'n ne other sports as well.

This transcends beyond sports also. If everyone kept to themselves minding their own business, would their be any spice to the life? You can bookmark the turning events, that shaped the world as it is now...with rabid people like Hitler & Co.

Well coming back to Football, is it wrong to say what you think? Do you really have to play da game to understand it? In that case 'Harsha Bhogle' shouldn't have been a commentator. So should da the junta in da stadium, know how to play football to enjoy a football game?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wud anyone ever have ayn rand in fountainhead,sayin"just had this been introduced in the story" or even "had it been one page less"..we cant..
somethigns are comments and somethings sound like suggestions thrown into the troposphere for it to spread

Friday, 10 February, 2006  

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