Thursday, February 01, 2007 i am sitting in my cubicle in front of the monitor
'n coupla minutes back was sitting near the window sill just behind my cube...gazing at the wonderful full-moon in an almost cloudless sky...'n with Alanis Morissette's Uninvited playing hauntingly in the background...
well 'm reminded of this scene from 'The Village' where Joaquin Phoenix 'n the heroine(don't rem her name) are sitting at the porch facing into this bewitching deep blue darkness...with a brilliant background score 'n amazing dialogues, this scene remains one of the most fave romantic scenes for me, which i may add are very very few in number...
its tough to explain why one falls in love with something 'n similarly, if you ask me why i like this so much, i wouldn't be able to give a proper answer, 'coz movie aint all that great, only thing i carry from that movie is the awesome background score 'n this scene....may be it was the time when i saw it, or may be it was Phoenix's amazing acting or the innocence of it all...anyways it has this fave dialogue of mine -
"Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them. "

Rings true....?

well...gotta do some check-ins before i leave for the



Blogger Bharathraj G. N. said...

wow, nice lyrics ;-)...

Friday, 02 February, 2007  

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