Sunday, November 08, 2009


sharing few esoteric learnings i had over the last week -
  • Don't play tt wearing some 3inch high heels - not that any person would do that but in case you ever feel like it - Don't!
  • Whatever the backgrounds, people essentially remain the pays to have/develop an extra layer of patience and accept the fact that somethings don't change...
  • Don't wear gold rings on treks, especially if you are planning to slip, fall and slide over rocks - 22K gold is easily chipped.
  • If gold is easily chipped, what chance does a finger nail have? So say No, No to long finger nails as well.
  • Learn how to fall safely, 'coz fall you will! But don't ever let that stop you from climbing. :)
Pics from recent trek - here
Pics from old trek -


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