Monday, January 30, 2006

Living Planets...

May sound like its related to some 'Discovery' channel program but this blog is nowhere related to anything remote that also. Its yet another mind trail, though this time it was the company bus which transported me through the 'Hosur Jam-Road'. So if this gets too long, you know what to blame :)

The Journey started with reading of 'The Observer in Modern Physics', which explains nicely the interaction b/n the system 'n the observer from all 'Newtonian', 'Einsteinian' 'n 'Quantum' Points of view. A point in that got me thinking, since an observer has mass 'n gravtational force acts b/n any two bodies with mass, does not matter how negligible the force may be, it exists nevertheless, So obviously you can't observe a system without any interference. I know its a very simple 'n lame explanation, but thats all I remembered from my high-school physics!

Anyways that's not the thought process I'm interested in trailing, but rather the one it give birth to. The thought which every kid would have got, when first thought about 'Gravitational Force' - "Does it act b/n two human bodies 'n why is it not that visible? :)" 'N since i knew the answer, my mind went off at a tangent. The thought chain went something like this -
"Ok, Considerable gravitational force exists b/n the planets, what makes us think that they are not living...i mean in the same context as two human bodies. How do we know for sure that they don't have a mind of their own? For all we know the planets may be waging war among themselves. Whene'er an Asteroid hits a planet, may be it was not accidental but was actually a weapon/missile sent by another planet. We 'n the other life on this planet may be just toys the planet created to play with or as weapons or an experiment gone horribly wrong (humans??). Similarly the entire solar system, galaxy... Blackhole, neutron star all powerful...each reigning over their realm...wars, alliances..."
I'm sure if I let my imagination run wild on this path, I'll be able to write a fantasy book. Probably I'll someday, may be about this or something else, who knows? Who can see into the future neways?

Well after clearing the 'Bommanahalli Jam', I realized I still had the un-read printout in my hands. So it was 'Quantum Entanglement' in which I got entangled next. Most of the stuff was like 'Akhtar's Bouncers' 'n went totally o'er my head. I'm sure i'll have to re-read re-read re-read.... to understand. Well that was near 'madivala'...'n my mind started thinking about 'logging of thoughts'. I mean, to convey only 2 thought process 'n that too not in detail, takes so long,
just imagine if u logged whate'er you thought. You can easily finish a 100 pages book in 30 min, provided your writing kept pace with your mind!

The next reading was the 'Emptiness'. Couldn't progress much, as light was fading. And its seriously tough to read font size 10, in a traveling bus...
"I have miles to read before I sleep..." with that cheap take on 'Robert Frost's' famous line I bring you reading guys' agony to an end.


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