Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iron Maiden!!!!! :D

Yes you guessed it right, i was one among the lucky ppl who saw 'em in action this weekend... :) 1st ever concert i attend( 'm not counting here the concerts part of coll fests) 'n its an Eddfest... now that is a Start! Now how many can boast of seeing bruce dickinson, Steve harris... in flesh? :D

hmm.....sound,space,energy,smell,thirst,dare-devilry,the beast,rapture...these are da words/feelings tht come into my mind, when i revisit 'THE EVENING' of my life... :)

okie let me start frm da 1st one,

Sound - Had gone into da concert thinking it will be real loud in thr, but it wasn't so at all...comment hrd frm a neighboring guy ' Wht da f*&^ is tht?! I play better sound in my room! ' This was when parikrama were playing, 'n we were just few feet in front of da stage. One of my friends in da 900 section was saying tht they cud hardly hear nething. 'n that they started screening on the big-screens only when Maiden came...!

Space - Actually it shd be Lack of Space'.... now it was so so packed, tht a person of even a slight claustrophobic nature, wud have fainted! Hardly any place to headbang 'n you wud think that wud stop ppl! No way! So you had ppl headbangin', jumping, falling on each other...
With a rumored strength of 68K!(yeah...me too can't believe it, my take prob max 40K), shd say its lucky no-one got hurt.

Energy - shd i even bother? :)

Smell - Now thr was no escaping tht!!! the acrid smell of cigarettes, the punget beer smell, deos' smell (you know da ppl, who spray like an entire bottle!)...
Well ppl who know me, will know abt how i can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. 'n 'm sure ppl will tell me...tht ofourse you can't escape tht @ a Concert! which is so very true...
So guess da amount of passive smoking i must have done in tht one evening alone may be equal to smoking an entire pack (guess only...coz me have no real knowledge.. :D) But an interesting thing i noticed is tht da smell which i was getting most often wasn't da strong cigarrette smell(thanking my lucky stars :) )...but a slightly weak/soft one... which meant tht most ppl were smoking grass? ?
And another unfortunate thing i was made aware of, was tht thrs no place to run, no place to hide, no hankie is thick enough, when someone farts in a concert! :(

Thirst - 'm sure lot of ppl who have ever been to any concert, will know abt it...

DareDevilry - Climbing up a scaffold 'n sliding down, during a song....now thts something! Have the video of it, will upload it when i get time... :)

The Beast himself! - The huge battle tank 'n Eddie emerging 'n surveying one 'n all with his fiery eyes! 'n then there was the giant Eddie thundering around the stage while Bruce was performing at his energetic best, jumping, climbing.... 'n not to forget the amazing background images of Eddie!!!

In Rapture - one 'n all... :)

now few lines abt other bands who performed -

ftn - winners of campus rock idol...a 'ok ok' types band...but defi dont deserve opening for band like Iron Maiden! 'n not surprisingly they were completely booed off da stage...

parikrama - guess everyone knows/hrd 'em before, they performed an all original composition set...no covers 'n shd say they are GOOD! 'n it was da only other band cheered on by da crowd...

Lauren Harris - Supposedly a female Rock band frm UK fronted by Harris's daughter but da less said abt 'em da better... :)

Have got the videos on my ipod(which reminds me i still have to blog abt it...) will try to upload 'em onto youtube soon...

Yahoo pipe i created which fetches concert pics frm flickr(RSS available too... :) )


Blogger Bharathraj G. N. said...

haha puthali, if you can't stand the cigarette smoke or the sweet sweet smell of grass...run to the hill run for your life

btw, gimme the links as soon as u upload ur videos..

Friday, 23 March, 2007  
Blogger Sham said...

or you can stay, and play with madness ;)

Friday, 23 March, 2007  
Blogger Puthali said...

thts wht i did... :)

Friday, 23 March, 2007  
Blogger Rockus said...

Damn Damn Damn!

Should have just borrowed(steal? :-D)
some money and came to bangalore...
Missed a once in a lifetime opportunity... :-((

Monday, 09 April, 2007  
Anonymous madcap said...

Who the heck is Steve Harrison? It's Steve Harris, silly man! :p

>And another unfortunate thing i was made
>aware of, was tht thrs no place to run,
>no place to hide, no hankie is thick
>enough, when someone farts in a concert!

OMG!! hahahahha!!

Lauren is her name!! There's a documentary thingy available at her site, and the band does sound good when they jam. yeah and i kinda like her heavy british accent when she talks cuz I've a hard time understand it. But yeah, she defi does average muzack. At least she's better than Ozzy's daughter Kelly.

P.S. --> I keep forgetting about this blog, hi!

Wednesday, 11 April, 2007  
Blogger Puthali said...

lol...corrected da typo... :D
hmm...i usually luv british accent...neways da music was just da ordinary types...dint find nething tht you can say tht caught my attention remotely... :)

Wednesday, 11 April, 2007  
Blogger Puthali said...

@rockus...yeah u shd have... :)

Wednesday, 11 April, 2007  
Blogger Chax said...

and so they say abt them .. on and on and on ... !
Good that you enjoy Rock.
I have another junior of mine who flew from Chennai just for this and flew back.
man .. what madness !!
NExt time you go for a concert like that go in as a thick veiled mysterious saudi woman to avoid all that you described :)

Sunday, 15 April, 2007  

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