Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Office Alone Part 2!

well i have three posts in my mind, donno if i will pen 'em down all tonight, but doing this one for sure as this is from yesterday's backlog... :)

Yesterday(by which i mean Jan 14th) was a holiday for my company, but me went to office nevertheless, and no before you think let me tell you, 'm not a workaholic! Its just that had to go to PVR later in the afternoon, and me thought it would be a nice idea to get some work done @ office, its another matter that of 5hrs i spent in office, i wouldn't have worked for more thn an hour! :)

Well all this is besides the point, the main thing is "i was office alone" :) It was amazing, long time since i had done that. It reminds of my first such experience, eerily i think it was somewhr ard this time, when i had just started blogging. Hmm...'n tht reminds me its been 2yrs!!! man how the time flies! :(


For people who wondered why part 2, this is part 1 - Office Alone



Anonymous Vishnu said...

Y part 2? Y not part 1?

Wednesday, 16 January, 2008  

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