Monday, December 07, 2009

kodagana koli nungitha

Last week was week and this was probably one of the best ones I've attended so far. I never got to attend all the talks i wanted to but it was still good. And instead of attending I actually got conned into giving a talk! It wasn't much of a talk but yeah whatever... :D :P

Plus thanks to conference, got to know few ppl, whom I knew for many months, much better. Angels i thought them to be and they turned out to be Devils(in good sense of course) :)

Saw Raghu Dixit live for the third time, and this was their best gig by far. All the geeky jokes, with live twitter feed projected behind the band, it was awesome! Also they played 'kodagana koli nungitha' 'n I'd never heard their version before 'n it was pretty good! If you were wondering abt the title, now you know. Its this really nice kannada folk song, you can listen to the original version here. Kodagana Koli Nungitta
After the concert went to a friend's friend's place and had the most amazing home cooked pasta, not the stupid sunfeast thingies either! Friend prepared this marinara sauce with the whole oregano, parsley, olive oil, white wine etc the whole deal! I'm really surprised that he managed to find all those ingredients, considering he had come to B'lore just that day before! It was fun time, somehow even though I was meeting other ppl for first time, it didn't feel awkward.

Finally fulfilled my wish of taking long exposure shots! You know those 'gimme red' torch writing thingies, it was so much fun!

Next day was again interesting. Had slept ard 4am prev night, then got up at 6:30, reached home at 7:30, took head bath and then left for tennis ard 9:30, played till 11. After playing it for some 3-4 times now, I think I actually like playing Tennis! :)
Later on went to Forum 'n Landmark, bought 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra" then met friends at Meghna's for Lunch. Had amazing Andhra food - Chicken 555, Chicken Biryani, Kakkinada Fish curry with white rice...yummmm... :D Later on as friends went shopping, I'd a tough time trying to stay awake, kept dozing off every now 'n then! But somehow managed to keep myself awake on the ride back in auto. Once reaching, nicely slept from 3:30 to 7pm. :)

So yea, that was last week!


Blogger ketkiathavale said...

"I was meeting other ppl for first time, it didn't feel awkward."

-Trust me, we felt the same! All thanks our common Devil friends ;)

Tuesday, 08 December, 2009  
Blogger floyd_n_milan said...

Ta! :D

Tuesday, 08 December, 2009  

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