Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bookmarks - on the GO

Well, published my first post on Employee blogs. The sub was as techy as i cud possibly get it to. :)

Neways 'm posting tht here too, for the benefit of non-novell crowd -

" Ever been in a situation - where you find this real great link while browsing @ home 'n you bookmark it. Later the next day you want to show it your colleagues but you remember a tad late that the bookmark is on your home pc. And you dont want to again dredge it out from the net!

If you have been, then Google has got the answer for you - 'Google Notebook' an amazing, nifty tool. You can use it for whate'er use you can think of. So far i use it as my "Mobile Bookmarks Folder" 'n "Mobile Scrap Book". :)

Since this still hasn't graduated from Google Labs, there's lot of scope for improvement. Like - there's no support for Safari browser, so until then Mac user's will have to do with Firefox.

But once people start using this, Bookmarks will be a thing of history - atleast for people like me, who use 3-4 m/c. :)

The down link should give more details, for those interested. "

well now wasn't tht techy enough? :D


Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Is that what you use it for ? Hmmm, unless you are affectionate to use only Google tools, you should give a try for Yahoo toolbar. That has a bookmark feature which is precisely for what you are using notebooks for. It also has a link called, where you can access your bookmarks from. Nothing wrong in what you are doing, but there are better things you can use for bookmarks :-)

And notebooks, I presume are just for notes. Notes like, the list of pending movies I have to watch :-), or may be even a list of all time great movies that i watched, blah blah ... Even to take some notes while I read something interesting on the web, like some blogs :-)

Saturday, 08 July, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

u guess rite...'m more of a google person... :) so never tried yahoo dont know abt its bookmarks feature....

so does it allow you to share your bookmarks? i mean in gogle notebook, you cam make da notebook public and ppl can c what links u r finding interesting everytime u find a cool link...u needn't scrap, or msg it to all da ppl...something like a common repository... :)

'n yea notebooks in traditional sense r meant for taking notes...'n some ppl like me may consider taking down links as not very much diff frm taking down notes(shorthand)... :D
'n just for da record i do use it in da traditional i said its my personal scrapbook,,,where nething 'n everything goes in... :)

Saturday, 08 July, 2006  
Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

>> u guess rite...'m more of a google person... :)

who isnt a google person these days ? Wait for the World Cup finals to be over, and I have a blog waiting in the docks talking precisely about this.

>> so does it allow you to share your bookmarks?

Nope. But this yahoo thing had come up about a couple of years before Eric Schmidt moved to google, who I suppose was the main driver for these inventions. You know from where he moved to google ? :D

And yeah, I tried this idea of saving links and boy it rocks !! Definately a better interface than the bookmarks page of yahoo.

About that sharing thing, I would have liked it if there was an option to choose whom i want my bookmarks to be visible to, like the calendar sharing, but then, may be its just me ...

Saturday, 08 July, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

yea...for a change I do know... :) sadly he cudnt do da same here...wud be nice to read his thoughts on novell...when 'n if his (auto)biography comes out... ;)

'n its just not you...'m sure thr r lots...for e.g. me.. :)

just imagine if you can have a notebook shared by few selective ppl, da similar way you have more than one contributor for a blog... now tht wud be one cool thing :)

Saturday, 08 July, 2006  

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