Sunday, August 13, 2006

Omkara 'n amaroK

neat....just now realized tht 'amaroK' is an anagram of 'Omkara'...two things which occupied me today... :)
well today was a lucky day...1st we got tickets even after going so late without bookin'! 'n 2nd came to know tht inox had reduced da prices to 150, well yea i know only 20 bucks diff, but for a typical indian middle-class free disc will do just fine... :)
Neways coming to da movie...It seriously ranks among da 'really gud' ones I've seen in recent times.Saif Ali Khan was just outstandin', da 1st shot of him in da movie, me thinks was da best one, he somehow seemed to portray all tht da character was supposed to be in tht 'one' expression...

btw just now while searching for some pics from omkara to put up here, came across this link -

which echoes ma exact sentiments 'n as usual in a much much better way :)

Now comin' to amaroK...well had never tried it before 'n after coming across some links saying how gud 's integrated in tht, thought 'll give it a shot. Had always used da default banshee 'n frankly speaking had never explored all da it was only after using amaroK did i realize wht all i had missed so far! :(

Anyways while exploring it, found tht, it dint let me edit WMA tags...'n so after a lil bit of googlin' found tht sled 10 came with an archaic 1.3 thn da whole circus of updating it started!
Well for some strange reason, automatic update of rpm's dint work, even after much tinkerin' fiddlin'! :( So then it was to more googlin', comin' across 3rd party package managers 'n tryin' out here 'n thr. 'N even after tht resolvin' da dependencies! whew...thought it was never endin'...
neways da end result was defi worth all da pain 'n some more...coz finally 've a player which integrates wikipedia,, automatic lyric updates 'n all da other usual stuff... :)


Anonymous madcap said...

Holly shit! You use SLED? What pkg manager u using? I'd recomend SMART from Gurus 3rd party repo... Comes with all the repositories -- KDE extra, backports, packman, guru, updates et. all. And if u're used to the apt-get way of things (like me) smart acts pretty much the same, except for the GUI is not as cool as Synaptic.

This Guru bloke is pretty cool in a way cuz he puts in beta packages as soon as he thinks they're stable enough... Tho I replaced SLED/openSUSE(mixed) with PCLOS, I bet guru has Amarok 1.4.2beta1 available. (yep it's not amaroK anymore, they changed it a capital A). This beta has integrated radio to the core. Most of the things were added in 1.4.1, but this beta also added the "similar artists" radio thingy.

BTW you talk about solving dependencies manually... why not let YaST or Smart do that (unless u like compiling stuff urself)... Here's my experience that might come handy if u dont yet use a pkg manager that is...

Actually, thats crap go here...

Thats Guru's own blog post describing the steps... If some python-elementtre dependency issue arises, then read the former link thingy.

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Anonymous ma said...

P.S. --> I was always a GNOME guy, until I discovered Amarok (version 1.2.x back then) and a few months later PCLinuxOS.

P.P.S. --> I see the links didnt show up completely... Try here...

1. Wordpress crap
2. Guru's pro

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

Hmm or if u'd rather not have Smart cuz u're not really into apt-getting things and rather want things the YaST... here's Jem explaining how to add the openSUSE repos into YaST... (and yea the binaries are compitable)...

P.S. Figuring u're a GNOME person w.r.t. Banshee, why stick to GNOME 2.12 when 2.14 is much better? Try Alt+F2 and u'd notice the difference between the 2 versions.

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

Woops... the links refused to show up...

The The Jem guy hacks SLED and makes it SUSE, leaving the trendy GNOME menu aside

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

>Well for some strange reason, automatic
>update of rpm's dint work, even after much
>tinkerin' fiddlin'!

Thats cuz the new Zen thiny Novell brought in to replace YOU is buggy and broken... They said it was fixed in SLED, though I never tested it cuz I was already using SMART for a month.

OK done spamming here. Ta

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

yeah...finally guru's was wht i ended up using yest...but still havent configured da pkg mgr though...will prob do it tonite...
'n yea guess shd update gnome too...

Monday, 14 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

Unfortunately SUSE doesnt have a suplimentary GNOME repo... so u dont get backports for GNOME like KDE. They plan to add that soon tho, but for the time being ur stuck with the buggy v2.12.

hey, since u're good with working out deps, have a look at this GNOME-based, Amarok-like media manager. And if u're able to get it to work, write a how-to so that I can do just the same. :D

Monday, 14 August, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

me 'n gud @ something...gud joke... :D
neways looks like it has 3 extra features, which i wud like to have...let me c...will give it a shot...but if found tht it requires whole lotta more work...thn will prob just wait for one of geeky guys like u to try it out first... :)

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

Oh well it was pretty easy...
just install da mentioned requirements, few of which must already be present...'n for da rest i used SMART :D
but i still have to get da mp3 support up 'n runnin'...looks like it needs more thn da requirements mentioned...or prob me wud have installed a wrong version... :(
neways if u get it to inform :)

'n on a side note...its a very gud amaroK clone...but doesnt have tht polished interface...just nice bare aesthetics... :) + u have tabbed playlist which i seriously liked, blacklisting of tracks is again a handy thing...'n guitar tablature...not much use to me havent checked it out...but guess thts da 1st thing u wud be checking out... :)

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

Whoa congratulations. Do a how-to will ya on how u did it? When I tried it on a Debian it did install but it failed to launch, exiting on some weird error msg I forgot (maybe cuz the pkg was an Ubuntu pkg?). Maybe try it out again, I sure have an FC handy for it, but I stink at getting anything to install from source. Most of the time things fail on the ./configure stage... and I always fail to understand what the hell I need and u call me a geek? lol!!

Regarding the mp3 issue, do u have the gstreamer0.10-ugly plugins installed. Banshee relies on the real/helix plugin in SLED, but by default GNOME apps depend on the gstreamer plugins, which by default, is missing from a SLED/openSUSE. However, if u find this one depends on gstreamer 0.8, then u need the gstreamer0.8-mad plugin. BTW are u using the helix engine for Amarok or xine? I recomend xine.

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

oh! I checked the web site and since it relies on gstreamer0.10 engines, u need the ugly plug and there u have mp3 support.

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

as i said da plugins r all thr...but somehow mp3 still fails to work...'n it clearly mentions 0.10 so have no clue as to y its not working...doesnt even display a proper errr!
'n yea i use xine... :)
btw da last i checked update wasn't happening...thru exaile ofcourse...'n u dont have song suggestions either...not to mention no radio as well...though u do have shoutcast integration...
'n da artist,song,guitar tab...all come in a sep tab...not on da side panel like in amaroK...which is so nice...u get all info @ a glance...
well looks like 'm cribbing too much...neways wht i wud like is amaroK to implement those 3 missing features...'n thn it will be perfect :)

Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

'n here's da how-to:
if @ all it can called one...:D

Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  
Anonymous madcap said...

ahh, streams didn't work in Amarok until v1.4.1. And I guess It's the only media player that has it irrespective of platform.

Amarok is gonna bring in the context browser on top, instead of the left pane, by version 2. They tried to put it in from v1.4.1, but I, and bet a lot of users, cribbed a lot, so they pushed the feature back. It was available in v1.4.1 beta1. The devs are pretty cool, and also nuts, cuz they listen to us. Most of them are also on

Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  
Anonymous Rajat said...

The anagram part was a nice one. :-)

I have been using amarok for quite a long time now - I find the UI better than most other players. Haven't bothered too much with Banshee yet.

Tuesday, 26 September, 2006  

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