Sunday, July 23, 2006

Golf 'n Movies...recipe for a perfect weekend...?

well probably perfect is not the right word, may be nice will fit in better...
Anyways as some intelligent people might have gathered by now...this post is abt golf 'n movies... :)

Golf, as in not playing it...but da usual passive watching of it on da TV. This weekend got to watch some real good golf. :) Saturday was definitely Sergio Garcia's day. Where Woods toiled hard for his 71, Garcia came up with some scintillating display of golf, for his record-equalling 65...da highlight of which was definitely the eagle @ da second hole.
But da anticipated showdown never materialized, as Garcia buckled under the pressure, like so many times before...'n so he becomes the torch bearer for Mickelson's former title... :) Nevertheless it failed to become a one-sided game, thanks to some great spunk displayed by 'diMarco'. Especially, his putting...da putt he produced for his par, when he could have so easily dropped a shot was just brilliant. But as usual Woods, was in a different league altogether. And the emotional way in which he reacted to winning da championship, 'm sure wud have touched many people's hearts. To be in absolute control, to isolate your emotions, and to solely concentrate on da game...well what can you say to that...except that he entirely deserved it. 'n definitely a quality, which everyone of us could do with some...

Coming to da movie....well after a long long long time, watched a kannada movie in theatre...da movie deserving da honor was 'cyanide' ofcourse... :D. Well me using da most hackneyed description for a movie, namely its "different", 'coz it actually is.... :) Well me went into da theatre with no clue whatso'er has to what da movie is abt, except that it is unusual. I wasn't to be disappointed. The movie is a narration of real-life events, with li'l bit of artistic leeway taken here 'n thr... thought the 2nd half was a bit dragging, but on the whole a nice movie, which took me back in to my childhood days, when a trip to 'uma' theatre to catch da latest movie was almost a weekly affair...

'nostalgia'...such a bitter sweet emotion...



Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Nice way to spend the weekend. You might have already read this article called ... Tiger's Trail Very similar to your thoughts.

Friday, 28 July, 2006  
Blogger Puthali said...

hmm...nopes...hadn't...'n yea it does echo my thoughts but in a much better way...:D

Friday, 28 July, 2006  

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