Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Whosoever is delighted with solitude is either a
wild beast or a god. --Bacon.

now what does tht make me? ... :D

'Solitude', one of my all time fave songs too...



Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

>> now what does tht make me? ... :D

I guess, its neither, courtesy this link. Poor Bacon, he was unaware of the song 'Solitude'.

And, for the blog, well the ship's under maintenance in the docks for some more time :p ... sometimes, its good to keep someone interested ;-)

Friday, 21 July, 2006  
Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

You got me all wrong !!! I was more interested in this line ....

Sir Francis Bacon
English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626)

And no, these are not opposite quotes. You can combine them to deduce that, a person devoid of sincere friendship, and delighted with solitude is a wild beast or a God.

And about my blog, I knew you would say that, so here it goes. I have 'something' there to keep you interested :p

Saturday, 22 July, 2006  
Blogger Bharathraj G. N. said...

depends, if u r comfortable/peaceful with ur thoughts n ur self in that solitude u wud certainly not be classified as a wild beast... n as i write this, radio mirchi is playing that Silsila song "yeh kahan aagaye hum".. main aur meri tanhayee, aksar yeh baatein karte hain :D.. Amitabh in that doesn't seem to be either god or beast!!.. so this statement is incomplete :P.

Sunday, 23 July, 2006  

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