Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good ol' mirth of Sarcasm...

I totally dig sarcastic humour...i feel there's nothing higher in da world of wit 'n literature...
'n u can find it aplenty in ne Clarkson's show(for ppl who are still racking their brains to place Clarkson, here's da link...)
It all started with me wanting to download 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' using torrents(yeah...i finally started using them! :D) 'n since 'm such a noob...i selected da one which had like da most seeders 'n stuff...which is wht i am supposed to do apparently, but wht you are supposed to do 'n which no one tells you is find out first if da file which you are downloading is da one you think you are downloading! I get to know now that this is like a beginner's ritual...friend of mine downloaded one entire movie, only to find out it was something else alogether...now thats what happened to me as well, but da diff was i was actually glad @ da end for it... :)
The file i downloaded was named something like "Clarkson_the_good....", 'n me just assumed da guy who uploaded it, had decided to put his name before it...so u can just imagine my surprise when i started playing it, till then dint know that Clarkson had shot a movie! Last i had seen nething of him was in a top gear show aeon ages ago...
Neways back to da movie...it was just so superb...da sarcasms 'n acerbic comments were flowing with da usual gusto...probably more than da usual...you just gotta watch it, to know what i am talking abt...he just cuts da american cars to pieces with his words....he exposes da mockery that is da American Culture...wierd this is da 2nd movie in a week which i saw, that made a mockery of some of da aspects of American Culture....neways one thing i dint like was tht he torches a Harley Davidson....now come on how can you compare a motorcycle to a car! apart frm tht i totally enjoyed da movie...Showing Mustang(da Horse) beating Mustang(da Car) was a neat li'l thing...neways go watch da movie...his sarcastic quips are best enjoyed while watching da movie thn reading... :)



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Tuesday, 10 April, 2007  
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