Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mind Jam....

is what you get...when a ride which @ worst shd take 40 mins takes 3 hrs...
Its enough to get even the most upbeat person like me down...doesn't matter that i was having a good time playing DC, anthakshari,reading book... but it still gets you down at some level...

lines of motionless vehicles stacked one behind another....there's just something depressing about da whole scene...and when its not just one road but all da roads display the same picture, 'n there's no escapin' how much eva u try...

hmm....guess we find most beauty in motion....

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Blogger Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Nah, its not about motion ... its more about expectations.

In a bus, you expect to move. Any change in that which is unexpected [ as in stopping at a place where there is no bus-stop ] you tend to lose the beauty.

Serene lakes, mountains, all motion-less still look beautiful because you expect them to be so :)

Imagine having a lavish dinner daily on a dining table, and then getting to have it once in a while in a moving bus !!! Where would you find the food more delicious ?

Monday, 17 September, 2007  

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