Friday, October 12, 2007

today on my way to work, observed two things. first one being that one half of the beautiful madivala lake has been completely covered with hyacinth :(
madivala lake used to be cure for an eyesore many a times. And that was one part of my journey i looked forward to. the bus i travel in takes this curved road right along the lake and one gets an amazing view of the vast expanse of the lake. the island grove in middle of lake makes it even more picturesque. at any time one can see birds, lot of birds! white birds perched on trees in the island grove, ducks sailing...infact just a few days back i saw this big team of ducks...alas now i wonder what will happen, 'coz with the current viral growth of hyacinth, the lake will be covered in no time. this thought reminded me of holden's question to cab driver in 'catcher in the rye' - where do the ducks in central park go in winter?
hmm...interesting how brain remembers some arbit stuff...

neways da 2nd observation is so very insignificant when compared to above...wonder if it deserves a mention @ all now...hmm....but yeah i guess i will go ahead 'n pen it down neway. at the bannerghatta road and jp nagar 100 ft road junction, one can see a shoppers stop hoarding. well the model's backpack placed beside her is mine, i mean i possess a similar one, one detachable 'giordano' backpack. i consider it as one of the best buys of my life.

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