Tuesday, February 19, 2008

questions and answers

these days on my way back home, when the 5:30 bus nears the silkboard, i tend to look out for the sun, sunset actually. Not all the days since i usually sit on the other side of the bus. I picked up this habit one fine evening, a month or two back when i chanced upon on one of the most marvelous sunsets!

Anyways today I happened to sit on the right side...now while just typing the 'right side' a Q popped into my mind - "Why is right, 'right'?" in the sense "Why is 'wrong' not 'left'? 'm sure an etymologist can tell me, "why its so?, 'n how it came to be like that" Another thing that entered my mind - 'leave...left', a single word and so many different meanings...hmm, wonder how i ever came to learn this language... :) now imagine a student asking such questions in a classroom....wonder how the teachers answer that, doubt they would know the answer...guess the kids will just be told - "you just learn it that way and don't ask why"...if only we could arrive at answers with simple reasoning...which reminds me of what i was gonna write before i went off on this tangent!

So Yes, today i was sitting on the right side, and looked out at the sun, but instead of a nice sunset i was met with a still glaring sun. I didn't give it much thought then and got busy reading my book and playing DC in-between. Somewhere near kadrenahalli cross, i happened to look-out and saw an amazing sunset. And thats when it struck me, that its no longer winter, so sunset is a bit late which explained why i don't see a sunset near silkboard anymore. Yeah, I know its a lame observation but for a moment i was marveling at that simple thought which entered my brain. I know its that science which we study during primary school,nothing special about it. But its still special that here was something which could be explained and had a definite answer for "why is it so" question.

Wish all the questions in our life could have such simple and straight answer. As we grow up in life, the number of 'why' questions that can't be answered increases exponentially. Or may be exponentially may be stating it less :)

pls: just filled in the title, 'questions and answers' is a great song from one of my all time favorite album -'It'll all work out in boomland' 'n yea, i know this is as lame a post as you can get.


Blogger Vishnu said...

In my life also, especially today early morning, these type of questions having 'why' became more. For example, "Why I read this blog?" "Why my brain still working after reading this blog?" etc.. :)
'm just kidding.. I think you won't feel discouraged to write these types of blogs by seeing my junk comments.. keep going and I Wish You All the Best to write these types of blogs more and more

Wednesday, 20 February, 2008  
Blogger Jawahar said...

hmm.... First thing i feel very jealous about is .. U r so luck to catch 5.30 bus.. :-))..

Google more and find how first someone started using right right :-))..

Friday, 22 February, 2008  
Blogger Puthali said...

@vishnu - this blog is foremost a place for my thoughts-crazy,pathetic, insightful, all kinds... 'n not aimed at ne audience
So ne readers r purely incidental 'n read @ their own risk... :P
@jawahar - 'm not so lucky always, i do end up leaving @ 7,9 many a times...but yea, 'm trying to improve my luck.. :) 'n as far as 'right right', i was hoping someone wud do it 'n leave a comment here... ;)

Friday, 22 February, 2008  

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