Monday, April 20, 2009

King rides By

was playing 'What would the community think' album after a really long time, when this song started playing -

and remembered it was through this song or rather through the wordings of the song that i first came across 'Cat Power'. And nice part of blogging is you can find stuff long gone from that li'l brain of yours. So thanks to it, i found the pic which had started it all in the first place -

So afterwards on googling the wordings in the pic, came to know its from a song called 'King Rides By' by an artist called 'Cat Power' of all the names. I mean what kinda name is that?
But what an amazing voice! Plus such wonderful and varied songs, especially in this album. This is one album you should listen to.

hmm...just realized blogger doesn't have a cross-post feature :| Bad. I'm sure people maintaining multiple blogs would like to have this, so you could just cross-post to your other blogs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Saturday, 30 May, 2009  

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