Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr. Zhivago

Yesterday night, watched this amazing movie. Its a true classic! Easily one of the most beautiful movies 've seen so far.
I got the soundtrack of this movie when i was in US and had listened to it couple of times before this, but its only after watching the movie, that i can appreciate it so much more. The music by Maurice Jarre is outstanding. Well what further cements it in ur memory is the haunting cinematography. The images just stay with you for a long long long time.
Then ofcourse there's the story with the Russian revolution as the backdrop and the brilliant direction of it by David Leane. Its so beautifully narrated, with the whole emphasis on the human characters but still cuttingly portrays the turmoil, that was Russia during the revolution.

Anyways for more information, you can check out imdb, which will give you a much better review, than one i can possibly hope to write.

Do try to watch it, if you haven't done so. The film is a work of art!


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