Friday, December 25, 2009


I did it...I didn't know it all...But i did it justice...It’s a nickel or a dime for what I’ve done, The truth is that I don’t really care, For such a lovely crime I’ll do the time, You better lock me up I’ll do it again...

yeah using DMB's words shamelessly here to say I finally did KP!

For the trekkers fraternity, KP needs no introduction but for others, KP stands for Kumara Parvatha, a mountain in Western Ghats. At a height of 1712m its one of the favorite trekking destinations in Karnataka. More info here.

Before the start of the trek I had this fear that I wouldn't be able to complete the trek, and that I may end up staying back when all the others would go ahead. In a way that did happen, except I was on the other side, out of 13 people only 5 of us went all the way! :)

Another 'proud of myself' moment was completing the first stretch to Bhatta's Mane in just 2.5Hrs and that too without sitting anywhere in between! Though i did have many standing rests on the way... :) , but yeah I didn't sit... :P

The next stretch was not as gr8 as the 1st one, was really sluggish, after a heavy lunch...and it took quite a while to burn it off. Watching the sunset from the peak and doing a moonlight trek down to the base where other guys had camped were two other memorable parts of the trip.

But even those pale in comparison to what followed next - the worst night of my life. An entire night spent in the tent, with wind almost flattening the tents, wondering when the nails would give way and tent just fly off...Thankfully it didn't happen, but there was no sleep either, what with tent flapping on the face and at side and all that noise... Sleeping outside seemed like a better option later after stepping out early morn around 5am...

But morning was beautiful and all the bad memories of prev night seemed to be gone with the wind... :)

The climb down from Bhatta's Mane was painful, thanks to the hit on my right knee I had while coming down in the moonlight prev night... But on the whole this was one of the treks i escaped with least injury, just 2 minor slip-falls (I still slip a lot, but i seem to be getting better at stabilizing myself and not falling :) ), 2 bruises - one on knee and one on arm, though I've no idea when the one on arm happened...

Oh yeah, talking of injuries, used the pain relief sprays for first time and they actually sting! :|

Few more things -

> Don't wear Jeans for trekking
> Find a good camping site, not in terms of scenery but in terms of shade, I did know this but yeah got reinforced as to how important it is...
> A cap and a jacket - can't appreciate their value enough...

Now for the best part of this post, Snaps.. :P

Pls: On a side note, after all this years i went for go-karting... :)


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