Friday, April 25, 2008

One more journey

Start - Domlur Bus Stand
Dest - Kathriguppe Stop
Medium of Transport - 201 Bus
Got in - 6:15pm
Got off - 8:30pm
'n a special mention of the mosquitoes that kept me company all the way through.

another 45 mins and i could've as well walked home. :)

Well on the way finished the remaining chapters of 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe'. After that started with the Rapaccini's Daughter and when that got over, i was still @ JP Nagar. After that started listening to some songs and the best part of it was the last song. I stepped into home as the last notes of 'The End' faded away. :) It was the 'Essential Rarities' version, running into 18 odd mins, its one amazing trip. Morrison's voice is @ his theatrical best. The song itself is one of my fave fave songs for many reasons, has some of the most beautiful lines and as Morrison said - "it could be almost anything you want it to be."

Speaking of Morrison, i was reminded of the Sunday Brunch. After telling a friend the day-before not to miss it, i ended up not watching it myself...well i did catch the starting before some workers came to my home 'n started their cacophony :(
Anyways on a side note i liked the promotional poster of it, displayed @ many BMTC terminals all over B'lore. Its a take on the Last Supper, with Morrison, the GOD he is, @ the centre. :)


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