Thursday, April 03, 2008

walk down the memory lane...

With such cliched title for a post, you can't expect nething better from the body of the post. :P

Well today, i had to goto NCB, for ppl wo donno b'lore, it stands for National College, Basavangudi. So I took another Novell bus, which passes via that. Now to set some background, you should know that a wave of 'Last time we will be doing this' kinda feeling is travelling through entire Novell office. So you have ppl, saying my last tt game, last lunch @ cafetaria, last tender coconut 'n so on... :) Now this bus that i took, as a custom of something called 'idli-party'. So some more history on this custom - well aeons ago, when i was still a starry-eyed noob, fresh into the corporate world, i was introduced to this culture of 'dosa-party' by old-timers on the bus like Geetha, Vijaykumar, Renuka etc. Basically its nothing but, the ppl in da bus deciding to stop @ a food sagar on the way, and hogging. 'n each one wud take turns treating, well one nvr falls short for treat xcuses...right? ;)
And then Geetha left, Renuka left, many ppl joined in, some more ppl left, bus got divided into two routes...hmm just looking at the changes that've happened in the bus, i feel 've come so far... :)

Anyways now this bus i travelled in today, is Vijaykumar's bus, and he had kept up the tradition, but now it was an 'idli-party' instead of dosa. 'n today was supposed to be the 'last idli-party', remember the last feeling wave i was talking abt? :) Well ppl forced me to stay o'er for the next stop, instead of getting down @ NCB, and to my pleasant surprise, discovered it was @ the one 'n only 'Brahmin's Coffee Bar' :) Now this was where my walk down the memory lane started. The last time i had eaten thr was when i was this jumpy school-going kid, who walked in front of it every morning 'n evening. So it was nice to see that nothing had changed, except there was a BIGGER crowd now, a Helmet stand for the convenience of innumerable bikers who turn up and a person standing outside with a big container of the most delicious chutney, ready to pour out the second/extra helpings to the ppl which was invariably everyone. :) My friend's remarks @ the end when i was leaving - "You are lucky yaar, first time in our bus and you get a idli-party!" Can't agree more, was indeed lucky today. :)

While walking from there to my friend's place, i passed by this bonda/mixture stall, opp Uma theatre. Now this is another famous landmark in my memory lane, so stopped by and bought some mixture and bonda/bhajji, 'n man did it feel great! :)

But yea what happened next wasn't good. Eve-teasing 'n that too three times in a single day! Started in morning while walking towards bus-stop, then this and then once more while walking back from my friends place. Thankfully they were all mild, only once i remember being scared, when a guy followed me all the way till home @ night from my aunts place,...yea tht was scary! Anyways generally i just ignore and walkby, no point giving it notice, which i feel most often is wht they xpect u to do. So yea ignoring works, actually ignoring works for so many things!

tht was a detour, coming back..yes, after some more trippin' 'n reminiscing abt old times with my friend, was waiting at the bus-stop and guess which bus comes, '43A'. Now thats the bus i used to travel in everyday! I get-in and i see the driver was still da same, though now he had grown a full beard. The bus remained pretty much same, except they had removed those stickers 'n God's photo frame @ the back of the name-plate door. Everyday morning the driver used to buy these flowers and put it on it. It was like a tradition, not to be broken, so was suprised not to see it. Anyways the conductor had aged quite a bit and sadly he dint recognize me, well he dint look @ me much but still...

neways this rambling has gone for quite long, so lemme stop.


Blogger vagabond dreamer said...

nice, memories are all you ahve some time arent they, whts the last times stuff going are u leaving novell or is novell shutting down

Monday, 07 April, 2008  
Blogger Jawahar said...

Is it the just the place which brings memories or the the people who made you feel great there, brings the memories back :-)

Tuesday, 08 April, 2008  
Blogger Puthali said...

@vagabond dreamer - no, novell shifted to Bagmane, so last day as in last day @ hosur road office
@jawahar - its da place which brings back da memories of ppl, 'n it holds true other way as well, so yea both go together... :)

Wednesday, 09 April, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well explained and I can really view it.. :) I can say that You are lucky to visit your famous landmarks in your memory lane and recollecting those memories will make you more happy and along with that, as a combo offer, you feel sad (I doesn't mean sad here as depressed.. I mean some sort of feeling that those days are gone and when those days will come back) also, where as, it may not be the case with all. Good Going..
Carry a small knife thing with you, of course, your logic works almost all the times and all the cases.
- Vitta

Thursday, 10 April, 2008  

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