Monday, June 30, 2008

Last few days, couple of ppl have been asking me, if i stopped blogging and i was wondering why they are doing that, as i had the feeling that i did blog recently. Anyways tonight after a friend asked, came here and realized that i hadn't blogged anything at all this month and today is the last day of course. So here i am :)
As they ask, its not that my mind hasn't gone on any trails recently, its just that they aint logged here on the account of me being more lazy than the usual. Hmm...well its not just laziness i suppose, it may have more to do with my feeling to be 'off the net'...yeah i know, ppl who knew me earlier will find this hard to believe, but it is true...
guess 'm finally bored/done with it, where before i used to fight with my bro to be online, now even when friends ask me to, i don't. or didn't as 'm logging in for past couple of days but even then its more of a forced task, than a voluntary one...'n its not only being online on im, just being on the net 'n surfing...max i do these days is check reader 'n even tht most often just speed-glance thru...

sad...totally sad...

he he, i was reminded of my prev post -

Actually thats another thing, thats been happening a lot off late, whenever i feel like blogging i realize 've already blogged it a long time back...just goes to show life runs in one loop, doesn't it?


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