Sunday, April 27, 2008

summer days

this post is on a trail of thoughts/reflections i had tonight, on the way to my swimming class. As dad was driving me down, i just started thinking -'What next?'. Two more days and another of my "hobby learnings" will come to an end. First there was the guitar, then the spanish classes and now this. well probably you can include driving also....hmm...i was thinking swimming is the best among them, in that 've learnt it, but now 'm wondering....hope it doesn't end up like others
'learnt, only to be forgotten'...
neways interestingly all of 'em i started after i joined work 'n thats what i was would've been gr8 if every summer holiday you can pick up/try ur hand @ a new thing(which reminds me i forgot to add salsa to the above list)...that led me to wonder, how come i never did this when i was a kid....nowadays all the kids seem to be in either this or that ....
i couldn't remember how i spent my summer hols...i never went to camps...nor to some out-station relatives place....hmm guess i just chilled around(tv,playing with other kids,books)...pretty much the way i do even now... :)
But yea now i wud jump @ such a chance, wudn't it be nice if companies too cud've something like summer camps? :)
yea i know its my dad remarked today - "she is behaving so so like a child these days, how do we marry off such a li'l kid?" :) after seeing one of my childish antics with my bro who not being able to withstand my torture was asking him to get me married off.
guess instead of growing up 'm growing down... :)


Blogger Roshan said...

"instead of growing up 'm growing down... :)" Nicely put. lol

Monday, 28 April, 2008  
Blogger Jawahar said...

don't tell me that u 2 r doing wit Swim life ?

Tuesday, 29 April, 2008  
Blogger shrek said...

up or down is fine , unlike stagnation i.e

Thursday, 08 May, 2008  

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