Saturday, August 09, 2008


was lazy to write a complete post abt the travel, so pasting here my tweets frm the time i reached US of A up till now... will probably write another post abt some lrnings 'n other stuff missed out here but that will be for later...

Tip: it would make sense if you read from the bottom up :)

after 16hrs of sleep, 'm still feeling sleepy....or maybe its 'coz of tht... :)

@ramkis, yea will do @ 5:20, will ask bhavani to wake me up when stop comes :)
feeling terribly sleepy...*yawn*
will update tomm, how it goes @ work without any sleep...wish me luck... :)
clk reads 5:15AM 'n i still haven't slept, 'n gotta catch off shuttle @ 7:30, so guess 'll ditch sleep plans 'n just go for a walk/jog...
just came back upstairs after watching 'against the ropes', another late night...sigh! wonder if its jet lag or plain old insomnia...
clk reads 4:34AM, shd probably sleep now as 've to go to office as well tomm... :( wish i cud just WFH...
OMG, 821 items to catch up on reader!
@skid_butt yea, i know! its just awesome, you shd have simply got this instead of hp... :)
back home, finished unpacking 'n now online after some 2 days...
on a side note went to ESB, did some shopping apart frm Mac 'n yea had an awesome dinner @ Olive Garden looking down into Times Square... :)
'n yeah, an ipod touch 'n a printer free :) if not for the outrageous NY tax, it wud've been even better...
twittering from my new Black MacBook :)
deciding on whether to goto AMNH or not, $15/+$22, man here everything is charged 'n so expensive, unlike DC where everything is free...
'n thts saying a lot if you consider how finicky i am when it comes to weather... :)
back to room, man do i luv NY!...after B'lore i think this is one city i wouldn't mind living in...
'n Nadal all set to become No. 1, hooray! :D
wake up to first morning in NY...yest night was pretty good, went to HRC! will probably go again today... :)
gonna do america, do do america...Knopfler's song plays on my apt!
connecting from a bus traveling from DC to NY, joys of technology! wish our Novell shuttle buses were also wi-fi enabled... :)
'n yea...street view rocks, was just checking out whr the bus stops in NY tomm :)
2:30am shd crash now, got 7am call tomm :(
got to start packing now for tomm...
got some more DVDs today :)
roger taylor. the cross, the breeders 'n some more zappa :)
got a whole bunch of DVDs frm a colleague here, artists/bands include: zappa,pixies,tripping daisy,polyphonic spree,frank black
is tired of seeing 'why so serious?' as every tom,dick 'n harry's status msg in gtalk! ppl, plz find something new!
@sshreyas,oh my! those plate tectonics 'n earthquake stuff,i saw @ Air 'n Space museum,suddenly makes so much sense...lucky it was only 5.8!
desi bachelors in US know how to cook! :D
just came back after having a very yummy 'n filling home-cooked indian dinner from a friend's brother's house... :)
had a long long day! DC is finally done, next its NY :D
switches on tv in a hope that it will mask the snore decibels...
friend is snoring away to glory, wonder how will i ever get sleep, may be 've to do a night out... :(
@ramkis, had been to DC today, went to couple of museums 'n walked ard a lot, will be going thr again tomm 'n pretty much the same plan :)
'n yea it was an amazing day, cool 'n cloudy reminded me of b'lore, such a welcome change frm the 85F 'n tht humidity!
'n yea it was an amazing day, cool 'n cloudy reminded me of b'lore, such a welcome change frm the 85F 'n tht humidity!
lying on the bed with curtains completely open 'n looking at the amazing lightning show playing in the sky... :)
got a new 40in LCD Tv in hotel room :D, thinking of getting a cable 'n connecting my laptop to it :)
just had 3rd cup of hot choc for the day...
'n seriously christian bale as john connor? as though we didnt suffer enuf of him in the dark knight!
@srinidhibs maybe your lucky stars were really high ;)
just came back from 'the dark knight'...'n man wht can i say abt it, tht already hasnt been said?... its all tht 'n some more... :)
'm still amazed by the large portions of food you get here, end up leaving 1/4 of it despite valiant efforts to not waste food... :(
just back from tysons corner, man is it huge! i didn't go to 3rd level nor to bloomingdale's & couldn't even check out 1st level completely!
@sshreyas - yea it was one cult series 'n 'Tippu Sultan Airport' has a nice ring to it :) btw Malya owns the sword now, right?
nice morning, i can see a water body in distance thru da window! though shd say its not as scenic as Utah...
off to sleep after a cool long bath on a very very comfy bed...bliss! :) well after spending nearly a day in those crammy airplane seats...
exploring the room, outside the window the roof is covered with what we call 'jali' stones in kannada, wonder why? to reduce heat/cold...?
one day w/o net access 'n 480 items in reader to catch up on...
back to land of free unlimited hot choc ;) :D


Blogger Jawahar said...

this time also will be able to see some nice snaps from US.. [;)] and chocos ...

Monday, 11 August, 2008  
Blogger Abirami R said...

yep!we the readers want chocs!

Friday, 15 August, 2008  

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