Friday, November 30, 2007

Dandeli Trip

Thursday, November 22, 2007

sometime ago, when Louis Hamilton failed to win the championship and England lost the rugby finals, Bro had remarked now what would be fantastic to add to that is if England failed to qualify for euro championship as well....
'n its happened now, 'n McClaren says he is not stepping down but FA is to meet on thursday to discuss his(McClaren) future, it wud be interesting to follow what happens :)
btw one of the comments by an english supporter on BBC board read - "Anyone got Mourinho's number?" :)

Friday, November 16, 2007



Sunday, November 11, 2007

in this world of madness, expectin' one to remain sane, is insane...

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Rangaswamy Betta Trek

hmm...not much in a mood to write 'n donno when will get into one, so please excuse if it turns out to be a real dry post for such a subject.
This marked the first ever outing of the newly formed 'Columbus' group in Novell.

destination: Rangaswamy Betta

crew: Aditya, Harshad, Gitanjali, Vishal, Jayanti, Rohit, Nikita, Bharath, Rashmi, Kali and yours truly

vahanas: A Scorpio, one Safari 'n a Pulsar.

A few observations/thoughts -

  • I was quite surprised with my own stamina on the trek. May be all that weight 'm putting on has some gud benefits after all! :D The villagers had said, you require around 3Hrs but Aditya and I managed to do it in just around 1.45 Hrs. Kali 'n Rashmi joined us coupla minutes later. Harshad 'n his wife after few more mintues. But others took more than 45 mins to reach the top.
  • Floaters, no matter how gud it is for climbing up are really a bad idea, when climbing down. Rather thts what ppl blamed, when i kept slipping or another thing maybe i just don't know the technique of climbing down.
  • Guys, okay i will make it few guys (dont wanna get into trouble) are really bad, when it comes to directions and on top of it they don't listen, especially if the directions happens to come from girls. And on top of it arguing, now that totally ticks me off!
  • Bikers/two wheelers don't get da same respect as a four-wheeler! plus wonder how can one drive in the night, in that headlights' glare madness! wonder why can't ppl just do dip 'n dim!

hmm...guess thts abt it. On da whole it was an awesome outing, hope i get to do this more often...
for more pics you can check out ma picasa...