Monday, April 20, 2009

King rides By

was playing 'What would the community think' album after a really long time, when this song started playing -

and remembered it was through this song or rather through the wordings of the song that i first came across 'Cat Power'. And nice part of blogging is you can find stuff long gone from that li'l brain of yours. So thanks to it, i found the pic which had started it all in the first place -

So afterwards on googling the wordings in the pic, came to know its from a song called 'King Rides By' by an artist called 'Cat Power' of all the names. I mean what kinda name is that?
But what an amazing voice! Plus such wonderful and varied songs, especially in this album. This is one album you should listen to.

hmm...just realized blogger doesn't have a cross-post feature :| Bad. I'm sure people maintaining multiple blogs would like to have this, so you could just cross-post to your other blogs.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

> Whats with this whole cliche of 'Group of guys, set out on a task, one by one keeps getting killed, until at the end, no one is left or only the lead characters are left standing'!
I was watching this '3:10 to Yuma' movie and this set of guys set out on a task and immediately i knew that one by one all the side characters(good doc, old man, bad cop, etc ) will die on the way to destination. Wonder why they do it, sometimes its so unnecessary, like those teen movie cliches -a token black guy, a dumb blonde, a golden-hearted geeky guy/girl etc. This cliche also makes use of the other best cliche of all time - somehow a bullet/knife always always misses the main character but will manage to hit a side character. I know its kinda inevitable that they end up using it, but the least they can do is not make it so damn obvious.

> While watching 'Die Hard 4.0' for 2nd or 3rd time on Star Movies tonight, saw Danko from 'Heroes' playing a part and realized how an important part in a TV series, can make an actor get noticed in roles where normally he wouldn't have been noticed. There are so many such instances, just day before while watching Transformers yet again on HBO, was surprised to see 'Sucre' in a scene. If not for Prison Break, I would've probably not noticed him.

> Today after F1 got over, was shuffling channels to while away some time and saw that the cable guy was playing some Tam Movie starring Vijay and Nayantara. As I'd heard that Tam Movies are known for their comedy, started watching and i couldn't believe Tam comedy has gone so bad. Googling now, i came to know movie is titled 'Villu' and directed by PrabhuDeva, who directed 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana' which was so much better. Well maybe 'm not the right person to say it, as i did see only tiny part, basically saw from the scene of Vijay coming in a bullock cart, till the stupid well scene, after which i couldn't bear to watch any more of that inane should be able to see it on youtube - Villu parts 3, 4 & 5.

These were actually twitteresque posts that were too big for me to tweet...