Wednesday, January 30, 2008

mélange of sounds,smell,images,memories...

This post is abt a thought trail i had recently...hmm...not xactly a thought trail, probably observation(s) based on my experience(s).

Couple of days ago, i was applying a sun cream, when it's smell hit vivid was the sensation, that i felt almost like i was back sitting in my hotel room in Provo. I realized it soon after, that it was 'coz that particular sun cream, i used to use when i was in Provo. What i found funny/amusing was how my mind had associated both the things. Also more importantly i was shocked by how strong the association was. Even now, when i smell it, i feel 'm back there....! I realized/marveled at how mind can conjure up such powerful images.

This made me think of a related experience, that i always used to wonder about. Whenever i start listening to T2's 'It'll All Work Out in Boomland', my mind immediately goes to 'Dune'. Somehow the images of planet Arrakis and Paul Atreides just pop up in my mind. Now when i think about it, i do feel there's something connecting both(Don't ask me whats that something!). But question is how did i even first arrive at the association? Guess its something which everyone listen to some music, and you instantly know it will perfectly suit some situation...How does this happen? Is it that both trigger off same set of emotions? But what are emotions? some nerve circuitry in our brain? So all those association are formed by closing/opening of some switches in that complex network?

Hmm...while writing the above lines, i remembered a TED talk i had seen sometime ago. In that the Indian Scientist basically explores the mind...analyzing what part of brain is responsible for part by examining what imparities are caused when that part is damaged. In that he talks abt why for some people few numbers appear as colors, phantom limb pain,capgras delusion...
hmm...let me find the link for it, its a really great talk, everyone should watch it.

Here is it, its 'A journey to the center of your mind' by Vilayanur Ramachandran. Apt title indeed!

Another such instance: my current skydome image, also keeps reminding me of 'Dune'. Its funny how while reading a book, your mind conjures up images! If you think abt it, its such a complex activity! Truly makes one feel what a marvelous thing our brain is!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Office Alone Part 2!

well i have three posts in my mind, donno if i will pen 'em down all tonight, but doing this one for sure as this is from yesterday's backlog... :)

Yesterday(by which i mean Jan 14th) was a holiday for my company, but me went to office nevertheless, and no before you think let me tell you, 'm not a workaholic! Its just that had to go to PVR later in the afternoon, and me thought it would be a nice idea to get some work done @ office, its another matter that of 5hrs i spent in office, i wouldn't have worked for more thn an hour! :)

Well all this is besides the point, the main thing is "i was office alone" :) It was amazing, long time since i had done that. It reminds of my first such experience, eerily i think it was somewhr ard this time, when i had just started blogging. Hmm...'n tht reminds me its been 2yrs!!! man how the time flies! :(


For people who wondered why part 2, this is part 1 - Office Alone