Tuesday, February 26, 2008


hmm...doesn't it sound bad? the word 'tagged' i mean...

well from the time i first started blogging, 've kinda kept myself aloof from the blogging world 'n all its cultures,norms...using it as and when i need it but never completely adopting all its practices....
Blogging has generally been a vent for all my thoughts,opinions,rants...so it has never been aimed at any readers, infact this was a topic for major discussion between me and Vijesh, he criticizing me for writing posts which didn't make any sense and that by writing such cryptic posts, 'm alienating my readers. But then this blog is first and foremost for me, 'n as i commented on one of my previous posts, ne readers are purely incidental... :D
yeah i know 'm selfish to the core... :P

Anyways as it happens John tagged me, 'n 've been delaying doing this for sometime now....but here i am finally ... :P

The Rules:

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so now for a few inane stuff abt ME, which you can skip over, 'm hoping that you do... :) -

> I can never say no to choc! doesn't matter how many pounds 'm putting on, you will still find me gorging on DBC's,Choc Fantasy,Ferrero Rochers... :)

> 'm addicted to Google Reader...

> this is a totally weird habit which 've acquired ...every morning when bus passes silkboard, i look-out for the white-headed brahminy kites which usually perch on the trees in the triangular junction, infact i was supposed to write a post on 'em longtime back, but never got ard to it... :(

> 'm a total lazy bum, if you didn't know it already.

> Can never stick to/follow a routine of any kind whatsoever!

> 'n yeah, i still don't have an aim in life... :P

hmm...now for the tough part....tagging other ppl,...hmm...most ppl i know aint regular bloggers...neways lemme think....thr's Rohini, Sailesh, Vitta, Sameer, Sarfraaz, Jawahar...neat six over... my first blogging duty is done... :P

Friday, February 22, 2008

book hunting with a candle... :)

yea thts a crazy thing sailesh and i did tonight. Well apart from walking all the way from ragigudda to my home that is, but yeah this time thr was no rain...
Today(by which i mean 22nd Feb, as i see time is almost 1am) was quite an eventful day, which means i may go on a rant on quite a few stuff , so ne readers out thr, you have been warned! :D

Morning passed away in checking mails,meeting 'n misc daily tasks...but noon was the best part. went to indi joe for lunch, this was the second time i was going there in as many weeks. Like many others, 've gone bonkers o'er the sumptuous lunch buffet they offer. The best part of the buffet apart from the yummy salads,pizza,chicken wings, is ofcourse the dessert section...fruits,pastries,ice creams 'n most imp Chocolate fountain! 'n yea since its a buffet it means its "unlimited"! :)
'm only glad that my office is not nearby, otherwise considering tht i can nvr say no to choc desserts, nor resist the temptation of such yummy calorie dripping food, i may had to get used to seeing a new me a lot sooner, 'coz its happening even now but @ a slower pace... :)

Well after that we went to Bagmane Tech Park, to have a look @ our new facility, which we are supposed to move into on April 8th. To say i was disappointed, would be quite an understatement. Almost all the people in our team felt a li'l let down. Some ppl seeing the i-flex 'n other wonderful buildings in the tech park, were rightly disappointed with the simple, old plain rectangular building. And it didn't even have a lake view. For me the most saddening thing was the look of our new cubicles! 'm not even sure if i want to air my exact impressions and what i think of it. It may be pushing it a bit far, tht too on a public blog. Apart from it, i had some minor gripes, which are just me. One of it was why do ppl use brown 'n some other color combo for buildings? Is it like a new fashion fad? i mean you see the UB city, and you can't help but wonder how did they arrive at such a horrible combination, brown 'n blue?!
Apart from this, the new cubicle layout (which is best suited to a services company btw), means, thr are no window cubicles! So, you can imagine how hard it will be to move from my current cubicle to one of those... :(

Anyways enuf of griping abt the new facility. Let me move onto the good things after that.Coming back from there, Ravi dropped me to ragigudda, btw traffic totally sucks, it will take min 1hr to reach ragigudda frm cv raman nagar, i.e if u r lucky.
neways i cudn't not goto CH after getting down @ ragigudda. So sailesh 'n myself went, 'n had a nice cake fudge. Vitta joined us after he finished his call with XXXXX :) After which we went to his dance class and had some/lots of fun looking at their dance practice. :)

we were supposed tol walk down to banshankari and plan got changed later to walk all the way till my home, as we had done once. On our way, happened to see this book shop with 85% discount. Infact what caught my eye was tht thr was no power 'n the shop keeper had just 2 candles. i thought it wud be fun to hunt for books with a candle and so we went in. And for almost 30-40 mins or, had absolute fun. we wud 've painted a eerie picture moving through that dark place with huge racks filled with books, holding a tiny candle... :D We kept coming across this 'queen of the damned' book by anne rice, and we had some silly conversation, regarding how it was a sign... :D then later me saying i wud prob come in his nightmare, holding a candle....'n so on... :D Well we finally ended up buying 5 books for 240, the 5 being - 'Dracula', 'Forrest gump', 'Children of Dune', 'Cider house rules' 'n ofcourse 'Queen of the damned' :D Not a bad job only with a candle...eh? :)

think this post has gone too long already, so won't go on further. After having matke paani puri in front of big bazaar, finally reached home at 9:50. Thats it, ur agony comes to an end, pat yourself on the back, for making through to this point... :D


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

questions and answers

these days on my way back home, when the 5:30 bus nears the silkboard, i tend to look out for the sun, sunset actually. Not all the days since i usually sit on the other side of the bus. I picked up this habit one fine evening, a month or two back when i chanced upon on one of the most marvelous sunsets!

Anyways today I happened to sit on the right side...now while just typing the 'right side' a Q popped into my mind - "Why is right, 'right'?" in the sense "Why is 'wrong' not 'left'? 'm sure an etymologist can tell me, "why its so?, 'n how it came to be like that" Another thing that entered my mind - 'leave...left', a single word and so many different meanings...hmm, wonder how i ever came to learn this language... :) now imagine a student asking such questions in a classroom....wonder how the teachers answer that, doubt they would know the answer...guess the kids will just be told - "you just learn it that way and don't ask why"...if only we could arrive at answers with simple reasoning...which reminds me of what i was gonna write before i went off on this tangent!

So Yes, today i was sitting on the right side, and looked out at the sun, but instead of a nice sunset i was met with a still glaring sun. I didn't give it much thought then and got busy reading my book and playing DC in-between. Somewhere near kadrenahalli cross, i happened to look-out and saw an amazing sunset. And thats when it struck me, that its no longer winter, so sunset is a bit late which explained why i don't see a sunset near silkboard anymore. Yeah, I know its a lame observation but for a moment i was marveling at that simple thought which entered my brain. I know its that science which we study during primary school,nothing special about it. But its still special that here was something which could be explained and had a definite answer for "why is it so" question.

Wish all the questions in our life could have such simple and straight answer. As we grow up in life, the number of 'why' questions that can't be answered increases exponentially. Or may be exponentially may be stating it less :)

pls: just filled in the title, 'questions and answers' is a great song from one of my all time favorite album -'It'll all work out in boomland' 'n yea, i know this is as lame a post as you can get.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the best thing you can give a person, is your time...
'n undivided attention during that time goes without saying...


Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

Life is ironic ain't it...?

Anyways this post is about the movie i watched yesterday night. Last Monday, I found this on one of the DVD's, Aditya had burned for me a couple of years back. And yesterday night set about watching it.

That 'm blogging abt it, means either i really liked it or hated it. In this case its the former. Easily one of the best movies 've ever seen. Everything is top-notch from story, to actor selection, to each individual's acting, to music...
One thing which really strikes you, when you watch it for first time is the splendid portrayal of 'George Bailey' by James Stewart. I was awestruck! I can't remember when i had last seen such powerful acting! And the perfect diction! Actually it was the last thing that captured my mind and got me thinking. I mean why don't we no longer see such enunciation? If you see anyone of the old movies, the first thing that strikes you is their voice and how well they speak. Can anyone forget Gregory Peck? If at all you can have perfection, then that was it! I wonder why they don't make them like that anymore...
Good ol' times, few ppl will say....kinda makes me feel older thn my years...hmm...guess 'm just a nostalgic person...no thats not the right word, what do you call people who have a liking for old stuff?

Well anyways, do watch this movie, its absolutely brilliant! And i totally dig its tagline -
They're making memories tonight!

pls: just realized, i think this is the post with maximum '!' usage... :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

it was a sad day...