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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Walk in the Rain...

Came home few minutes back, after having dinner @ Chung Wah, a branch of which has opened up recently near my home. I was reminded of last saturday and saw that i hadn't blogged abt it, so here you go -

Last Saturday had reached home just around this time, after walking all the way from Silkboard. The whole crazy thing started off with vitta saying - 'lets walk'. Since its almost impossible to walk on Hosur road, we decided we will take a bus till silkboard and then walk from there to 'ragigudda' and from where i was supposed to catch '201' bus to my place.

So we got down @ Silkboard and started walking. The roads were all wet and I got to know later from sailesh that it had rained heavily just a few hours back. Anyways vitta kept commenting, that it should rain, and i kept scolding him for it, as how it wont be nice @ all if it rains! Just to irritate me, whenever we walked under a tree, he used to catch hold of branches and shake 'em, so that all the water droplets fell on me. Yeah he is one crazy, enthu guy :)
While on our way, he remarked 'how surprised he was, tht i walked!' which led me to start telling him stories of my walking days and i jokingly remarked 'for all he knows i may walk all the way to banshankari, and if i was crazy enough all the way till home' :)

With two pitstops @ 'Chowpatty in BTM' and 'Poonam Furniture House', we reached Ragigudda, just as it started raining. And i thought lemme give a call to Sailesh whose house is right beside 'corner house'(yeah! one lucky chap he is!). He had left office early saying he had plans to go to some pub and later in the night to Madhur CCD, so i was surprised when he picked up and said he was @ his room. So i asked him to come to the bus-stop, the plan was to go drink buttermilk(which vitta 'n i couldn't find on our way) and then me catching bus to home.

Sailesh came and vitta took us to this place near his home, which sold buttermilk. I donno how many days' or months' old that packet was, after somehow finishing half of mine, i gave it to vitta who promptly threw it! shockingly sailesh somehow managed to finish his whole packet!By that time it was drizzling a bit heavily and Sailesh said that he could go get a jacket from his room and i declined very forcefully, a decision which later both of us regretted but not for long :)
neways Sailesh suggested, lets walk down to Banshankari. Vitta declined, saying he had to go to his room. So i and Sailesh started walking. And we hadn't walked a few steps when that heavy drizzle turned into full-fledged rain. Since we were already a bit far from his room, we decided to continue walking in the rain, as i had a waterproof bag and he wasn't carrying nething.

And so it started. Sailesh kept cursing his long hair, whenever he bent his head, hair kept falling, dropping water over his face and into his eyes :) Somehow we ended up deciding that we will walk all the way to my home, probably 'coz we were already completely drenched. We took the montoype route(near which, it started raining cats and dogs! ) and went to BDA complex to have hot samosas. Hot samosas in rain, heavenly!
But both of us realized its bad to go back into rain, once you are out of it. Anyways from there, continued, stopped in between to call my home and say i was stuck 'coz of rain 'n tht i wud reach home soon ;) I think we reached the turning to my home around 9:50pm. Bid adieu to Sailesh there, who caught an auto back to his room. After coming back home, realized it was a long long long time, since i had done such a crazy thing. Somehow water had managed to enter into my bag and Dilbert book was wet around edges, couple of printout sheets had gotten wet. But thankfully, all my electronic items, most importantly my ipod was ok!

So that was my last saturday, compared to that, today has been completely uneventful, just slept, lazed around @ home, went out for dinner and now back, more sleep beckons :)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

month names

yesterday on my way home, the cab driver remarked tht it starts pouring when one nears home 'n i remarked saying how unusual is this october showers we are having in b'lore for past one week.
and somehow that 'october' word triggered of this thought - "what do you call october in 'kannada' or any other indian language for that matter?" Sadly i couldn't think of an answer :(
I know the local season names, names of the days in a week but month names? i do know the respective month names in spanish, which brings me to the question - don't we have indianised names for the months in a year? If anyone knows, to please leave the answer in the comments section.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

when you cry and u dont wash ur face, u get an irritating sensation in ur eyes...wonder whts da composition of tears....which is responsible for tht....

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Netherlands bans magic mushrooms

A woman harvests magic mushrooms in a grow room at the Procare farm in Hazerswoude, central Netherlands, Friday Aug. 3, 2007A woman harvests magic mushrooms in a grow room at the Procare farm in Hazerswoude, central Netherlands, Friday Aug. 3, 2007
Magic mushrooms are big business in the Netherlands
The Dutch government is banning the sale of all magic mushrooms after a series of high-profile incidents involving tourists who had taken them.The decision will take effect within several months, said a spokesman for the Dutch justice ministry.
BBC NEWS | Europe | Netherlands bans magic mushrooms

sad, recently only was telling two of my friends, one of whom is planning to visit Amsterdam, how everything is legal over there... :(

so thr u go, one more free society comes under the hammer....

which reminds me of one of the discussions i had with my friend on 'freedom'....can one have absolute freedom? can such a society ever exist? should freedom of all people be curtailed just 'coz some can not handle it responsibly enough? do restrictions/ban ever serve their purpose 'n in a way don't they bring about just the opp effect? 'n all those restrictions won't that make us a weaker species in gen?

guess as someone said before -

the average man does not want to be free. he simply wants to be safe.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

today on my way to work, observed two things. first one being that one half of the beautiful madivala lake has been completely covered with hyacinth :(
madivala lake used to be cure for an eyesore many a times. And that was one part of my journey i looked forward to. the bus i travel in takes this curved road right along the lake and one gets an amazing view of the vast expanse of the lake. the island grove in middle of lake makes it even more picturesque. at any time one can see birds, lot of birds! white birds perched on trees in the island grove, ducks sailing...infact just a few days back i saw this big team of ducks...alas now i wonder what will happen, 'coz with the current viral growth of hyacinth, the lake will be covered in no time. this thought reminded me of holden's question to cab driver in 'catcher in the rye' - where do the ducks in central park go in winter?
hmm...interesting how brain remembers some arbit stuff...

neways da 2nd observation is so very insignificant when compared to above...wonder if it deserves a mention @ all now...hmm....but yeah i guess i will go ahead 'n pen it down neway. at the bannerghatta road and jp nagar 100 ft road junction, one can see a shoppers stop hoarding. well the model's backpack placed beside her is mine, i mean i possess a similar one, one detachable 'giordano' backpack. i consider it as one of the best buys of my life.

tht said

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