Friday, March 20, 2009


Just now a colleague sitting beside me reading a newspaper pointed out to me this item - "Three men beaten up by Bajrang Dal, for talking to girls". If you are wondering what I'm doing writing with colleague sitting beside me, its 'coz I'm in the bus - the place where most of my idle thinking happens. Now that i carry a laptop to office, i can actually pen down my thoughts right then, instead of the usual composing posts in the mind and then promptly forgetting. :)

And the reason why i started writing, was 'coz of my reaction or rather lack of it towards the incident. One has come across so many such bizzare mindless incidents that nothing surprises/shocks anymore. Well probably complete lack of reaction may not be true, as I'm very much dismayed at these stories. Just the other day, I was going back home after an outing with friends, around 9'ish, not too late by any standards and suddenly i got this crazy fear of "will i be attacked for what I'm wearing" and all these thoughts started entering my mind - "its slightly late...not good traveling alone...probably i should have worn a salwar-kameez". And I wasn't even wearing anything objectionable, just a three-fourths jeans and a top but then what you consider objectionable is relative, ain't it? If they have objections about women wearing western wear, how come they conveniently ignore the fact that even they do!

Well that thing aside, what i find the most deplorable part of the whole situation is the absolute failure of police and legal system. Where stern punishment needs to be meted out, so as to make an example that such kind of behavior won't be tolerated in the society, we have people people being let go scot-free. Is it any wonder that such incidents are on a rise? If you know you can get away with it, whats stopping you? Its like the burning of the buses/public property which we read in the paper almost every other day. I can't understand how they don't realize that they/we are the ones ultimately hurt by loss to public property, that we are the ones who will suffer from lack of buses later...?

Ah, just now friend started calling me 4th Generation, as talking about colleges, usual RV/PESIT/BMS discussion, they suddenly realized we have 4 generations of PESIT ppl from campus in our office(3 in my bus itself - myself and my 2 and 3 year juniors) and me being the old lady of the lot, so guess 1st generation would be more right. Can't believe its been almost four years since i graduated!

Well thats where the post ended, wrote it two days back but finally got around to posting it today! so guess, some things don't change, laptop or no laptop... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

friend in a dream - "Whats the point, power will go now..."
and immediately after that i hear the UPS start beeping as power goes...
now thats what i call a bhavishyavani dream... :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

if i were you
and you were me,
it would still remain the
same old situation, wouldn't it?