Monday, October 27, 2008

one junk thought...

yesterday eve, after losing big time to me at foosball, Sailesh was saying that he will sneak in, practice, improve and then defeat me....and thats when i came up with this fundu thought -

"You shouldn't practice and improve, 'coz then its not 'you'. You should be your natural 'you', if you are naturally good at it, well and good, otherwise even if you practice and improve it still won't be 'you'" :D

And in a way, thats what i follow...I still don't make an attempt to improve at 'tt', my forehand still sucks, i don't hit smashes...but its still lot of fun playing it that way :)

Nevertheless i know its a junk idea...but point being ppl make so much hublaboo of changing oneself for another person, instead of changing i would say think of it as 'improving' yourself... :)

On a side note, finally got my hair cut, where hitherto i had never paid more than 25, yesterday i paid 500! well some ppl say its normal or even cheap...that makes me wonder which world i live in...neways me still getting used to this style as my long tresses ain't so long nemore... :(

plus chelsea's unbeaten home record got broken :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

before you accuse a person of not talking much, just look within and see if you genuinely listen...