Monday, January 30, 2006

Living Planets...

May sound like its related to some 'Discovery' channel program but this blog is nowhere related to anything remote that also. Its yet another mind trail, though this time it was the company bus which transported me through the 'Hosur Jam-Road'. So if this gets too long, you know what to blame :)

The Journey started with reading of 'The Observer in Modern Physics', which explains nicely the interaction b/n the system 'n the observer from all 'Newtonian', 'Einsteinian' 'n 'Quantum' Points of view. A point in that got me thinking, since an observer has mass 'n gravtational force acts b/n any two bodies with mass, does not matter how negligible the force may be, it exists nevertheless, So obviously you can't observe a system without any interference. I know its a very simple 'n lame explanation, but thats all I remembered from my high-school physics!

Anyways that's not the thought process I'm interested in trailing, but rather the one it give birth to. The thought which every kid would have got, when first thought about 'Gravitational Force' - "Does it act b/n two human bodies 'n why is it not that visible? :)" 'N since i knew the answer, my mind went off at a tangent. The thought chain went something like this -
"Ok, Considerable gravitational force exists b/n the planets, what makes us think that they are not living...i mean in the same context as two human bodies. How do we know for sure that they don't have a mind of their own? For all we know the planets may be waging war among themselves. Whene'er an Asteroid hits a planet, may be it was not accidental but was actually a weapon/missile sent by another planet. We 'n the other life on this planet may be just toys the planet created to play with or as weapons or an experiment gone horribly wrong (humans??). Similarly the entire solar system, galaxy... Blackhole, neutron star all powerful...each reigning over their realm...wars, alliances..."
I'm sure if I let my imagination run wild on this path, I'll be able to write a fantasy book. Probably I'll someday, may be about this or something else, who knows? Who can see into the future neways?

Well after clearing the 'Bommanahalli Jam', I realized I still had the un-read printout in my hands. So it was 'Quantum Entanglement' in which I got entangled next. Most of the stuff was like 'Akhtar's Bouncers' 'n went totally o'er my head. I'm sure i'll have to re-read re-read re-read.... to understand. Well that was near 'madivala'...'n my mind started thinking about 'logging of thoughts'. I mean, to convey only 2 thought process 'n that too not in detail, takes so long,
just imagine if u logged whate'er you thought. You can easily finish a 100 pages book in 30 min, provided your writing kept pace with your mind!

The next reading was the 'Emptiness'. Couldn't progress much, as light was fading. And its seriously tough to read font size 10, in a traveling bus...
"I have miles to read before I sleep..." with that cheap take on 'Robert Frost's' famous line I bring you reading guys' agony to an end.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Office Alone!!!

This week seems to have been a week of many first's...1st blog, 1st time going for 33 hrs without food or water, 1st week of < 30 hrs sleep, 1st prolonged 'chatting through scrapping', 1st guitar 'n now my 1st "office alone" experience, partially atleast...

'N today was also the day on which I found a person in our department, with whom i could actually 'converse' with i.e. not just make some idle talk. Probably if I keep going on sundays more often, I'll find more such people...I know know...not much probability in that but 'Man can always hope can't he?' :) Anyways during the long conv, he said something like "I'm not a great man 'coz, a great man is one who will pursue his dream no matter what...even when he's told that his mother/father is in dead-bed he won't give up his dream!" which got me thinking...

who is a great man?? one who shirks away from his social responsibilities to pursue his dream? or one who gives up his dreams to fulfil his social duties?? Well it is easy to say that you try for both, but in cases where time's a factor...which should one choose?

That was in the afternoon 'n i'm still nowhere near an ans for it :(

Well after the person left(guess ard noon), I was left virtually all alone in the office, except for the security guards! 'n PF 'n IM for company. Totally enjoyed the feeling of being alone. Sometimes just being alone can give you so much joy...that i wonder is man (guess can't generalize it that read it as me in thr) really a social animal?!

With that this eventful week draws to a close 'n i'm gonna crash before 1...yipee!!!!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Rabid People????

It all started with a friend of mine commenting how he was sick of all this hype around football. His issue was basically with 'Ppl vehemently crying out that ManU sucks, when they don't even know how to hit a football!' But apparently cricket is different as he knows how to play it and he never says 'Sachin should do this or that!'

Well its said that we are not supposed to comment on things we don't know. If that is true, does that mean i need to smoke first to comment that 'people shouldn't smoke?' Can we really imagine a world, without it being like that? For starters try to just imagine a world without all the rabid football fans...would football be the same nemore? That applies to cricket 'n ne other sports as well.

This transcends beyond sports also. If everyone kept to themselves minding their own business, would their be any spice to the life? You can bookmark the turning events, that shaped the world as it is now...with rabid people like Hitler & Co.

Well coming back to Football, is it wrong to say what you think? Do you really have to play da game to understand it? In that case 'Harsha Bhogle' shouldn't have been a commentator. So should da the junta in da stadium, know how to play football to enjoy a football game?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mind Trail

My first ever blog and may just end up being the last one too (whoe'er reads it, I'm sure will definitely be hoping for it!)

Well the title is self-explanatory but for the benefit of those born with lesser minds(for a lack of better word), this blog makes a valiant attempt to start on a trail of my meandering 'n rambling mind.

The main credit for genesis of this blog must go to the dakota ambassador which ferried me tonight and also is incidentally the starting and ending point of the trail on which I'm gonna embark now. And before I forget, partial credit goes to my fellow passengers, as without their welcome silence my mind wouldn't have been so jobless.

The dakota...i mean my cab for the night, left office @ 9. No music :( meant I had to somehow keep myself occupied for another hour or so. That left my mind to reflect on the day's happenings. If you are thinking that something eventful occurred which I’m gonna reveal here, sorry to disappoint you. The day was no more eventful than any other day. I was as usual in a somber mood when I left office. It did continue that way for some more min. in da cab but suddenly that somber mood completely changed to a euphoric one for no reason. It was very strange, as I had many reasons to be worried but here i was feeling completely blissful. Probably could be the philosophy of "to subconsciously laugh at your own troubles, for self-preservation???"

Anyways my mind took its first diversion and started trying to figure out this weird happening. That led to the thought "do we really need drugs to feel high?" Probably I will dissert this topic later sometime, 'coz my mind stopped @ that thought for only one signal. Driver finally put some music, so thought 'ok, can now enjoy the ride back home', but suddenly was filled with this insane urge to dance (forgot the song which was playing then :( ). I mean I'm sitting in the front seat of the cab, you cannot dance even if you want to, so why that feeling suddenly to shake your leg???

Well that led on to this - "Does mind rule the body or body rule the mind?". If it’s the former, then mind must be sending those signals to the body, responsible for making you feel like moving your leg in this case. But wasn't it the mind itself, that was responsible for reasoning out that its inappropriate to dance. Like many other times, my mind again got stuck up in this dualism issue, so it back-tracked and went on other path -Considering that body desires does rule the mind, then the body itself feels the rythm of the music...that leads to the question of the action or decision to dance. Well my mind got bored @ that point, as like all your people's minds by now. So SIGTERM signal was sent to that thought process.

And before the new fork call, there was some delay, attributed to - having to make some idle talk with the back-seaters. Hmmm...seems like I’ve already lost the trail....hmmm...mmm...ok, found it. The cab went near my old school and i actually got a glimpse of my 'alma matter'. To top that KK's 'pal' song was playing in the background, which made me feel kinda nostalgic probably only for the 3rd or 4th time in my life. And spent some more time reminiscing to myself.

After this looks like I've totally lost the in-between trail. The next thought signal I am able to recollect is 'When did jealousy first see the light in this world?' As much as I try, I am not able to remember what led me to that signal in the first place :(. Anyways the next thought path, naturally took me to the topic of 'seven deadly sins'. I'm sure I'll discourse about them in detail, what they mean to me etc etc...but definitely in future. Well for those who don't know what I'm talking abt, sorry again, 'm totally not in mood to be a teacher. Obviously since we were talking about 'seven deadly sins', how can my mind skip a chance to re-visit the movie 'SEVEN', a darn good movie for all the obvious and non-obvious reasons :).

I was still mulling over it, when the cab reached the signal near my home and I had to instruct driver of the directions. This sparked off a new thread regarding the ' Concept & Existence of a Universal Language'. Well no soon it was started it ended by giving control to another one - "what if people understood each other without needing to speak, a community of la mind-readers!" Proceeding along in the same pathway..."a fire-wall kinda device may be developed to block other people from reading your mind" That obviously had to lead me to "Wheel of time" and "warding of your dreams" idea.

And that proved to be the last track to be visited by my mind, as the cab finally reached home!!!