Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tap Guitar

Via Wired: "Before the YouTube, I had no idea that there even was such as thing as "tap guitar," as performed by Justin King.

hmm..thts how i stumbled upon the whole realm of tapping...
Never knew something called 'Chapman stick' existed...4 ppl like me out thr...da down links shd givya sufficient info...

Another video i came across -

For more tapping info, you always have wiki... :)

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Friday, August 25, 2006

DivX - The Name says it All!

check out the diff!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Southpark & Music Industry

Long Live Jordan!

Well i knew Robert Jordan had been ill for sometime, but dint exactly know with what or how serious was it. But just now came across this -
which made me realize da magnitude of wht he may be going thru.

I just hope he lives long 'n well enough to write all da 30 odd books, he wants to...'n most imp gets chance to finish da WOT series in a proper way...

Star Wars - "The Last Supper"

Friday, August 18, 2006

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Is Named Best Of Show..

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell ® was named “Best of Show” at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco this week. In addition, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop was named “Best Desktop Solution,” and Novell AppArmor earned “Best Security Solution” honors.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Omkara 'n amaroK

neat....just now realized tht 'amaroK' is an anagram of 'Omkara'...two things which occupied me today... :)
well today was a lucky day...1st we got tickets even after going so late without bookin'! 'n 2nd came to know tht inox had reduced da prices to 150, well yea i know only 20 bucks diff, but for a typical indian middle-class free disc will do just fine... :)
Neways coming to da movie...It seriously ranks among da 'really gud' ones I've seen in recent times.Saif Ali Khan was just outstandin', da 1st shot of him in da movie, me thinks was da best one, he somehow seemed to portray all tht da character was supposed to be in tht 'one' expression...

btw just now while searching for some pics from omkara to put up here, came across this link -

which echoes ma exact sentiments 'n as usual in a much much better way :)

Now comin' to amaroK...well had never tried it before 'n after coming across some links saying how gud 's integrated in tht, thought 'll give it a shot. Had always used da default banshee 'n frankly speaking had never explored all da it was only after using amaroK did i realize wht all i had missed so far! :(

Anyways while exploring it, found tht, it dint let me edit WMA tags...'n so after a lil bit of googlin' found tht sled 10 came with an archaic 1.3 thn da whole circus of updating it started!
Well for some strange reason, automatic update of rpm's dint work, even after much tinkerin' fiddlin'! :( So then it was to more googlin', comin' across 3rd party package managers 'n tryin' out here 'n thr. 'N even after tht resolvin' da dependencies! whew...thought it was never endin'...
neways da end result was defi worth all da pain 'n some more...coz finally 've a player which integrates wikipedia,, automatic lyric updates 'n all da other usual stuff... :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nostalgia....How far one has come...

well think tht i ended one of my prev post with 'nostalgia'...'n this time 'm starting with it.
It all began, when me 'n my school friends decided to meet up after a long time. That itself, wasn't that nostalgic as we do meet up occasionally, but it had all to do with where we decided to meet, at our school days' meet point - 'IIWc': Indian Institute of World Culture. For da uninitiated, its a library from da bygone era, located in Basavangudi, another locality which has fallen prey to commercialism 'n all that which comes with it. You have high-rise glass-facade complexes springing up where small shops used to be. The charm 'n character of the place is almost gone. Though some old places like 'Vidhyarthi Bhavan' 'n IIWc are still bravely holding against the New.

Yea...coming back to IIWc, it was such a pleasure to see that nothing had changed. You still have two dark wood, imposing doors guarding da entrance. It was nice to see that even da display paintings @ da hallway hadn't been replaced. The large wooden tables, chairs, where many a days i had spent reading, dreaming, observing the old men who used to come there to read newspapers, waiting for my friends...all that was exactly da way it was before, except for my absence. The feeling was very much akin to da feeling of coming back home 'n seeing that your room is still da way you left it. Well myself havent experienced any such strong 'coming back home' feelings, but 'm sure thats da way it wud feel... :)

Well so much for nostalgia for all da things that were. My friend made an intersting observation about 'things that were' 'n 'things as they are'. She just remarked, how these days, you go to any coffee day, will see lot of school kids 'n how in our days, most often we just hung around @ each other's place, roam around gandhi bazaar, weekly trip to IIWc for renewing books 'n Mag, then goto JP's for pani-puri...May be 'coz @ tht time coffee-day was still non-existent. :)
Its said that each coming generation, becomes aware faster, so prob its no wonder that we are seeing this. But still feel its an unhealthy da reading habit is almost becoming a rarity instead of a norm, how kids have to deal with more peer-pressure, how they are getting more alienated from their roots, culture....'n most imp how they are losing their innocence so soon.

well have bob dylan's song 'things have changed' song running in my head now.
"People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed"

guess not only things, but me too have changed. Bought a 'Tommy Hilfiger' watch today. Something which i wud have laughed @ if someone had suggested it a few years back. Just goes to show how much things 'n one's view point can change o'er time. How far have i come...


Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Blog's DNA :D

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wikipedia: The Best Of

Wikipedia Showdown is a running list of Wikipedia articles submitted and ranked by our community members - Value is assigned to each article based upon the number of votes and ranking within these votes, giving us an constantly evolving picture of the best Wikipedia has to offer.

this being da 1st time 'm trying out da blog this feature...its a real neat one. Looks like it was designed keeping in mind lazy people, like me... :D

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ASAP for 'As Slow As Possible' 'n not da usual 'as soon as possible'. :)
Just something i came across, while digging stuff 'n thought why not blog it. An amazing undertaking actually. The slowest and longest lasting musical performance 'n one which cant be witnessed by any person from beginning to end in his lifetime, why singular atleast in his next 6 lifetimes also, considering lifespan to be the norm 100 yrs, coz the duration of the performance is 639 yrs! Yes you are right its 639 yrs! :)

For more info, there's always Wikipedia... :D