Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I always planned to use 'The End' as the swan song for this blog but alas I already used that up here. Hence resorting to one of the most used goodbye lines ever and in a way its my small tribute to one of my all time favourite book(hopefully 'll get back that book from my friend sometime! you know who you are :P).

It should have ended last year itself but somehow dragged it on for this year. Its not that I am not getting posts ideas anymore its just that they have a very low hit ratio of making it on to keyboard than ever before! For one of the recent ones I'd even thought of a very fancy sounding title (for my standards) - 'A discourse on the limited imagination in the fantasy world of Harry Potter'. Then there was a 'tribute to my friends in B'lore' post, but that also never made it to the keyboard. :(

One of the reasons for this abysmal hit ratio is probably got to do with the combination of my new vice of 'Sleeping' with my ever old vice of 'Laziness'! I no longer see the magical hour of 2-3am which used to be my blogging time before. And with the few waking hours filled with Work, TV etc you see its almost impossible to find time for blogging now! :)

And so with the perfunctory posts mounting up, it just didn't make much sense to continue this for any longer. I will probably continue to write once in a blue moon types, but it just won't be at this address any more. With that I bid you goodbye. Happy New Year to any soul reading this out there.