Wednesday, December 17, 2008


मैं बैंगलोर से गई काशी,
काशी से गई डेल्ही,
डेल्ही से गई आगरा...
और Neha को मिला उसका Sudhir :)

Thats the 4 line gist, sung in the tune of the song from HHRPK. :D

some other salient points of the trip -

> My 1st ever North India Trip, well 1st ever anywhere above Karnataka in India.
Note: I'm not including Goa, as i don't consider it to be above 'n that reminds me i never got around to blogging my Goa Trip...umm...bad...

> My 5th Train journey and the longest! From 5th Morn 10 to 7th Morn 7, it was quite an experience! The longest hitherto had just been an overnight travel to Dandeli.

> Most of the time on the train was spent playing cards, infact playing cards would account for the lions share if i were to plot a pie chart of the time spent on the trip(Let me see if i can do that sometime, it would be great).
We played cards in the train, @ marriage place, @ the room, @ the airport 'n in the flight as well!
Playing cards in train
Playing cards @ Airport

Playing on the flight! :)
Somehow snaps of playing @ marriage hotel 'n @ the room in Delhi are missing.

This brilliant poem by Sailesh pretty much sums it up, but guess not many ppl will get it, but if you do, you'll automatically earn a place in our gang ;)

Guess, the only place we missed playing cards was in the cab but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Madam Jency came into her ragging best.
'n Attur turned out to be that special stone on which Jency kept sharpening her knife... :D
the entire duration all of us were splitting our sides with laughter, never
had so much fun!
'n revenge was never sweeter as she more than made up for all the fun we had @ her expense while playing cards for 5 days...

> Managed to wear a sari all by myself! 'n most importantly it stayed put! :)

> 1st canceled train 'n all the awesome adventure it lead to after that!

reach station @ 8th Night 10:45, train canceled, wht to do? meditating is not a bad idea :)

in comesum restaurant @ station, ard 2:30am, waiting for the Howrah express

Change of plans, @ Nizamuddin station Delhi 9th Night 10, after some 19hrs in train
Got in ard 3am, but train left varnasi, thats the place we got in at, only around 10am!

> "
destined Puthali , this is luck ." as Meena remarked in my picasa album.
got to see the famed Taj Mahal, but sadly it didn't do much for me :(
Also went to Mathura 'n Brindavan, its amazing how much Aurangzeb managed to destroy in his lifetime.

> Sarnath, BHU - Amazing places, everyone shd go thr once! History is so much nice when u actually see it! 'n shamelessely copying what a friend just said in chat, as thts the exact thought i had when i was seeing these places - "i don;t know why, but something about such a progressive outlook when most of hte rest of the world was in dustbowls , somehow makes me wish that this civilization and philosophy shouldn't be lost and relegated to the history books"

> 'n Khashi/Varanasi became 'Tenali' Khashi. ;)

> Food! Man, is it expensive in North India! Became 'Tenali' here as well. Interestingly don't have any snaps of food :(

> What else? oh yeah - a Rickshaw ride!

'n some yummy tomato chaat!

Guess, thats about it, the photos are @ the usual place.

Pls: its still 2:10 'n not 3, improvement! :)
Pls: If you are wondering abt title, ask Sailesh, as he was the one who asked me to use 'Mahabarath' as title on hearing that 'm writing a blog on the trip.