Tuesday, July 24, 2007

waiting game is fun... :)


Saturday, July 21, 2007

to believe or not to?

Two days back, there was more than the usual traffic on BTM Road, 'n during that time one of the interesting thought trails i had was abt, how we find so hard to believe what people say about themselves. 'M coming from the fact that ppl refuse to believe when i say i am like this, 'm like that.... Well lets face it, its a common tendency among most of us to doubt what the other person says 'n most often than not you will be inclined to believe the opposite of it. So no matter what you say, you will be accused of either being too modest or too boastful. Now comes the question who knows you better? yourself or others? And not to forget, views of both the sides are colored with prejudice. So which one will you consider as more truthful/right?

You would think you can avoid it by just not talking abt yourself. If Only! Even if you don't other person will do it for you, comment/remark some aspect about you. 'n as my problem goes, it usually tends to be the opp of what i believe to be the truth. 'n you will have 2 options in front of you: you can choose to remain silent(which is usually the best thing to do, if you don't care sufficiently enuf), 'n confirm that its true or you can choose to put across your case, knowing very well that it won't make any darn difference, as the other person has already made up his/her mind.

And in today's world where ppl tend to have a very limited set of adjectives 'n plus with their tendency to over-exaggerate, drift towards theatrics...any small nice thing you do, will get you statements like 'You are awesome!' 'n a tiny blunder/slip-up will earn you 'fit for nothing' 'complete failure' 'he/she sucks' tags, though you won't hear the latter ones directly as ppl are very conscious of that they never say it directly to the person concerned.

hmm...donno wht to write next...so


Friday, July 20, 2007

either way, all it takes is time...