Thursday, November 27, 2008

back from watching 'Quantum of Solace' @ PvR, nice movie, don't know how ppl didn't like it 'n tht too giving reasons for dislike as too much of action! pray how can one have too much of action? 'n how can tht be a cause for dislike? :) :P

neways this post is not abt the movie, while coming out after the show, ard 00:45hrs, saw these policemen patrolling with the guns and immediately wondered for how long? Everytime after some attack one sees all these increased security - checking cars, asking for id's, police patrols...but just after few days as things start settling down, things go back to the way they were before. So all the terrorists have to do is - li'l waitout before launching their next attack for it to be successful.
Even my friends have gotten tired of changing their IM statuses. The general behavior of the ppl residing outside India, was to immediately change their statuses to something abt the attacks. But guess, after so many the novelty has worn off 'n its almost like a daily occurence.

Another thing i wanted to talk abt is this 'refrain from public places' virus. Its funny to see this in action. A colleague of mine from US who has come down to B'lore has been asked not to venture out. :) I call my dad before movie, the usual call, 'n he starts hyper reacting, saying things like lrn to come home before 9:30, its not safe 'n so on...i had no clue why he was saying all these suddenly when he said something like didn't you see what happened in mumbai...'n then i understood the reason behind such behavior...
But somehow seeing these smart ppl falling prey to this illogical fear psychosis makes me sad...thrs more chances of u getting killed in an accident or u can slip on bathroom tiles, hit ur head 'n die...point is u can die newhr, netime! So avoiding public places like malls, that too immediately after attacks doesn't make much sense, as its then when you have maximum security....

well, enough has been said already in better words by much better ppl, 'n also 'm feeling lazy,sleepy & cold!(shd go buy a new blanket), so 'll just end this post
wishing for a more peaceful world

Friday, November 07, 2008

sometimes safe life ain't a life at all...