Wednesday, April 30, 2008

its not you, its me
its not me, its the world
ah ha, what do you know
its not the world, its you!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

summer days

this post is on a trail of thoughts/reflections i had tonight, on the way to my swimming class. As dad was driving me down, i just started thinking -'What next?'. Two more days and another of my "hobby learnings" will come to an end. First there was the guitar, then the spanish classes and now this. well probably you can include driving also....hmm...i was thinking swimming is the best among them, in that 've learnt it, but now 'm wondering....hope it doesn't end up like others
'learnt, only to be forgotten'...
neways interestingly all of 'em i started after i joined work 'n thats what i was would've been gr8 if every summer holiday you can pick up/try ur hand @ a new thing(which reminds me i forgot to add salsa to the above list)...that led me to wonder, how come i never did this when i was a kid....nowadays all the kids seem to be in either this or that ....
i couldn't remember how i spent my summer hols...i never went to camps...nor to some out-station relatives place....hmm guess i just chilled around(tv,playing with other kids,books)...pretty much the way i do even now... :)
But yea now i wud jump @ such a chance, wudn't it be nice if companies too cud've something like summer camps? :)
yea i know its my dad remarked today - "she is behaving so so like a child these days, how do we marry off such a li'l kid?" :) after seeing one of my childish antics with my bro who not being able to withstand my torture was asking him to get me married off.
guess instead of growing up 'm growing down... :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

One more journey

Start - Domlur Bus Stand
Dest - Kathriguppe Stop
Medium of Transport - 201 Bus
Got in - 6:15pm
Got off - 8:30pm
'n a special mention of the mosquitoes that kept me company all the way through.

another 45 mins and i could've as well walked home. :)

Well on the way finished the remaining chapters of 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe'. After that started with the Rapaccini's Daughter and when that got over, i was still @ JP Nagar. After that started listening to some songs and the best part of it was the last song. I stepped into home as the last notes of 'The End' faded away. :) It was the 'Essential Rarities' version, running into 18 odd mins, its one amazing trip. Morrison's voice is @ his theatrical best. The song itself is one of my fave fave songs for many reasons, has some of the most beautiful lines and as Morrison said - "it could be almost anything you want it to be."

Speaking of Morrison, i was reminded of the Sunday Brunch. After telling a friend the day-before not to miss it, i ended up not watching it myself...well i did catch the starting before some workers came to my home 'n started their cacophony :(
Anyways on a side note i liked the promotional poster of it, displayed @ many BMTC terminals all over B'lore. Its a take on the Last Supper, with Morrison, the GOD he is, @ the centre. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swimming in rain is so much fun. :)
All those rain droplets hitting the surface of the blue water, makes for such a pretty picture.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walk On

Start : Bagmane Tech Park
Destination : Home (BSK 3rd Stage)
Distance: ard 18-19Kms
Pit-stops/Refreshments on the way: A Mango shake, a nandini buttermilk packet and a tender coconut.
Total Travel Time: 4Hrs
Walk Time i.e. TTT 'minus' Pit-Stop/dilly-dallying/window-shopping time: approx 3.15Hrs
For exact route, click here or copy this in ur browser -
Traveling Companions - My fave Musicians, on my ipod ob... :P

Ok so thats the brief 'tippani' as we call it in Kannada. And now for a li'l more details-

> Had first Mango shake of the summer and was it a perfect timing! 'n notable part is the guy charged me Rs13 for it! When did they rise the rate so much? Btw had it @ the Trisha Juice Centre(hope i rem the name correct), its the one you get, as soon as you take a left @ Corporation circle. I donno if it was only this chap, or the prices are same elsewhr in B'lore?. Well doesn't matter, it was like heaven for me then! :)

> My floaters served me pretty well, nothing against it but i wished i had worn a decent pair of shoes.

> You have to be extra careful even when you are crossing turnings of small roads, you will have bikes coming right behind and cutting just in front of you and all you can do is come to a screeching halt. Yea i know that sounds funny :) why i mentioned it is 'coz, its not only that you have to be xtra careful, but when it happens it just breaks the whole rhythm.

> It was fun except for, my face and hair which were covered with an inch of B'lore dust 'coz of all that traffic and not to mention the horrible pollution.

> On a side-note today was family day @ work, so in afternoon i was playing with all these kids on my floor, and one of my colleague's wife asked me - 'Do you like kids?', well was wondering @ it, as i rem talking on this with a friend long long time ago. Anyways guess one can say i do, but not really that much as some/most of the others do.

guess thts abt it, ending with few lines from U2's walk on -

Leave it behind
You got to leave it behind
All that you fashion
All that you make
All that you build
All that you break
All that you measure
All that you feel
All this you can leave behind
Walk On, Walk On...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

walking in the middle of road is fun! :)
wait lest ppl think 'm really crazy let me modify it to -
walking on the divider in the middle of the road with the headlights of the vehicles on your right side, shining in to your face is fun.
uf...tht was a long sentence... :P
Next time you take a walk try it. Find a divider that doesn't have too frequent obstacles like small trees, light poles etc. Its best if its not too broad, infact the narrower it is, more fun you get.
Let me put this disclaimer - 'Try this @ your own risk' :D
But then again whats fun without a li'l ;)
Just try not to take a bigger risk, like trying this on a highway with a divider as wide as ur feet 'n with trucks zooming past your ear on either side, for eg: the one near jalahalli... :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

sleep, DBC 'n a long long walk...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

walk down the memory lane...

With such cliched title for a post, you can't expect nething better from the body of the post. :P

Well today, i had to goto NCB, for ppl wo donno b'lore, it stands for National College, Basavangudi. So I took another Novell bus, which passes via that. Now to set some background, you should know that a wave of 'Last time we will be doing this' kinda feeling is travelling through entire Novell office. So you have ppl, saying my last tt game, last lunch @ cafetaria, last tender coconut 'n so on... :) Now this bus that i took, as a custom of something called 'idli-party'. So some more history on this custom - well aeons ago, when i was still a starry-eyed noob, fresh into the corporate world, i was introduced to this culture of 'dosa-party' by old-timers on the bus like Geetha, Vijaykumar, Renuka etc. Basically its nothing but, the ppl in da bus deciding to stop @ a food sagar on the way, and hogging. 'n each one wud take turns treating, well one nvr falls short for treat xcuses...right? ;)
And then Geetha left, Renuka left, many ppl joined in, some more ppl left, bus got divided into two routes...hmm just looking at the changes that've happened in the bus, i feel 've come so far... :)

Anyways now this bus i travelled in today, is Vijaykumar's bus, and he had kept up the tradition, but now it was an 'idli-party' instead of dosa. 'n today was supposed to be the 'last idli-party', remember the last feeling wave i was talking abt? :) Well ppl forced me to stay o'er for the next stop, instead of getting down @ NCB, and to my pleasant surprise, discovered it was @ the one 'n only 'Brahmin's Coffee Bar' :) Now this was where my walk down the memory lane started. The last time i had eaten thr was when i was this jumpy school-going kid, who walked in front of it every morning 'n evening. So it was nice to see that nothing had changed, except there was a BIGGER crowd now, a Helmet stand for the convenience of innumerable bikers who turn up and a person standing outside with a big container of the most delicious chutney, ready to pour out the second/extra helpings to the ppl which was invariably everyone. :) My friend's remarks @ the end when i was leaving - "You are lucky yaar, first time in our bus and you get a idli-party!" Can't agree more, was indeed lucky today. :)

While walking from there to my friend's place, i passed by this bonda/mixture stall, opp Uma theatre. Now this is another famous landmark in my memory lane, so stopped by and bought some mixture and bonda/bhajji, 'n man did it feel great! :)

But yea what happened next wasn't good. Eve-teasing 'n that too three times in a single day! Started in morning while walking towards bus-stop, then this and then once more while walking back from my friends place. Thankfully they were all mild, only once i remember being scared, when a guy followed me all the way till home @ night from my aunts place,...yea tht was scary! Anyways generally i just ignore and walkby, no point giving it notice, which i feel most often is wht they xpect u to do. So yea ignoring works, actually ignoring works for so many things!

tht was a detour, coming back..yes, after some more trippin' 'n reminiscing abt old times with my friend, was waiting at the bus-stop and guess which bus comes, '43A'. Now thats the bus i used to travel in everyday! I get-in and i see the driver was still da same, though now he had grown a full beard. The bus remained pretty much same, except they had removed those stickers 'n God's photo frame @ the back of the name-plate door. Everyday morning the driver used to buy these flowers and put it on it. It was like a tradition, not to be broken, so was suprised not to see it. Anyways the conductor had aged quite a bit and sadly he dint recognize me, well he dint look @ me much but still...

neways this rambling has gone for quite long, so lemme stop.